Inside the Boxx: Bucky F.

Meet Bucky Fitzgerald! He has been with Sandboxx since June 2021 and is the Fulfillment …


Meet Bucky Fitzgerald! He has been with Sandboxx since June 2021 and is the Fulfillment Team Lead. The Fulfillment team is responsible for printing and shipping Sandboxx Letters and ensuring they get to the military base mailrooms on time. Learn more about Bucky’s experience working at Sandboxx.

Pictured left to right: Seth, Bucky, Logan and Malik

What first attracted you to work at Sandboxx? 

I first heard about Sandboxx because I had family working for the company (Hi Mom!) and it sounded like a noble cause and a company where finding pride from your work was easy. I hadn’t been working here for a week before I knew this company and its employees were winners and knew I wanted to do my part to help the team.

What is something unique about your team? 

I think the Fulfillment team is such a unique team at Sandboxx, since it’s the only team based completely out of the office. I like to think of us as the backbone of Sandboxx as we assure all the hard work of the other departments is seen to the finish line day in and day out.

What is something you’re proud of that you’ve achieved at Sandboxx? 

Since managing the Fulfillment team, we have had zero letters fulfilled past the day they were promised, and that’s really a testament to my team’s dedication, the lended support of Customer Happiness and Sam Sorenson, and the great situation I inherited from my predecessors. Every day the Fulfillment team strives to be more efficient in cost, output, and use of our time and I think it shows.

What does Sandboxx’s mission of connecting our military community mean to you? 

I have a family full of military service. It’s wonderful to know my father, grandfathers, and others who are no longer with us can look down with admiration for the work we do each day (and maybe forgive me for not enlisting myself). It is such a sacrifice these young men and women make by joining the armed services so I am proud to offer them better opportunities for support from their loved ones as they go through some of the most trying weeks of their lives. I’m always so excited to see our continued projects improving the military community’s connection. I am a very proud member of The Boxx (still trying to get that nickname to stick though).

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