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At any given moment, over 200,000 military members are off the grid in training or deployment and are missing loved ones. Despite the digital generation, physical mail is still the most important source of morale for troops. Civilians, however, are fully immersed in the digital communication culture, often leading to communication disconnects.


Choose from five different bundles or pay $4 as you go.

Every Letter that you send includes a personal message with up to 3,000 characters, a full color photo, and a pre-addressed return envelope and stationery for a fast and easy reply.


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  • 3 Letters
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Weekly: Navy & Air Force

Weekly support

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  • 8 Letters
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Weekly: Marines & Army

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  • 15 Letters
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Motivator Bundle

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Daily Supporter Bundle

The best way to boost morale


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Your letter will be processed and shipped the same day if your order is placed Monday-Friday before 5pm EST. All orders placed over the weekend will be processed with Mondays mail.

Sandboxx uses overnight shipping to deliver Letters at several bases. See the complete list.