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Help your recruit push through the hard times and keep their morale high

How Sandboxx Letters work


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Write your letter effortlessly

Send a letter to basic training anytime, anywhere. Write your letter on your phone or computer, include a photo and enjoy next-day delivery. No more trips to the post office, remembering addresses or buying stamps.

With Sandboxx, support has never been simpler.

We print & ship your letter overnight

Your letter is printed on high quality, premium Mohawk™ paper, packaged into an iconic air-mail designed envelope and shipped the same day.

Never buy an envelope, postage or paper again.

sandboxx tracking

We deliver your letter next day with tracking

We ship overnight to every training base in the U.S. Next-day delivery and tracking come standard because we cherish our military as much as you do.

Know exactly when your letter arrives for peace-of-mind.

Your letter arrives on base next day

Our dedicated team of military mail experts presorts your letter so it’s easier to manage for mail call, getting your letter to your recruit up to 7 times faster than snail mail.

Mail-call-ready letters, direct to your recruit.

What is a Sandboxx Letter?


Your Message & Color Photo

Every letter includes an iconic airmail design envelope that contains your printed photo and letter on high-quality Mohawk ™ paper.

Return Stationery

We include custom stationery that’s branch-specific for your service-member so they can write back quickly and easily.

Pre-Addressed Return Envelope

We also include a return envelope and self-addressed sheet with your address already printed so replying is effortless.

Next-Day Delivery & Tracking

Finally, we provide lighting fast overnight shipping to any recruiting base location along with tracking all the way to base.

People love Sandboxx Letters

We’ve sent over 3 Million letters to basic training, now it’s your turn.



“Sandboxx has made communicating with my recruit easy and stress-free. Being able to track my letter and know when it arrives to base is very reassuring. The staff is also super friendly and quick to assist you when you have questions!”

Alexis B.

“Sandboxx is amazing! My son gets his letters within a day or two and loves it. Being able to send him a response to his letter right away is huge, especially if he sounds homesick. When I know he has a difficult week coming up I will send inspirational quotes every other day to get him through the week.”

Tina T.

“So glad my wife and I were introduced to Sandbox. I really like the ability to attach a photo at the end of the letter. Our son has commented that he really enjoyed the photos we’ve sent over the weeks. This app is great as it allows for tracking and if I get my letter in on time he gets it the next day. Additionally, the prepaid, self-addressed envelope is a plus and makes it super easy to get a return letter. My wife and I look forward to his return letters and keeping us abreast of how basic training is going.”

John. G

“I’m very thankful to have been introduced to Sandboxx. Being able to write to my son has been invaluable! Knowing Sandboxx is there to make sure my letters get delivered quickly and reliably has helped me transition to becoming an #armymom. I especially love how Sandboxx sends me updates on when my letter was shipped out and delivered! Lastly, I really appreciated the tips I received from Sandboxx on letter writing. Sandboxx helped with ideas and topics that kept my son positive, focused, and strong!”

Amy O.

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We’ve got a support team ready to assist you.

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Our support staff is a dedicated team of military family members and veterans.

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