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Send letters to basic training, those deployed or any military address around the world

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See why today's military is using Sandboxx for secure and private unit communications

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Whether it's a simple "I love you", a memorable childhood milestone, or the pup missing his freedom fighter - snap a photo from your phone and write a message just as easily as a text.

In 4 Easy Steps

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    If your loved one has already created an account, connect with them in the app. Not connected? You can still send them letters as long as you know their address.

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    We automatically and privately convert each letter into physical mail. Mail call has never been so frictionless.

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    The best thing about Sandboxx letters - we include a pre-addressed return envelope.


Letters Are Fast

Send your letter before 5pm EST (M-F) and your letter will be created that night

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Buy one for $4 or buy a bundle to save. We offer three different packages to choose from

Make A Difference

A percentage of your letters will go to our partner non-profit organizations


The military journey starts at the recruiting station. Find every unit you have ever served with and stay connected.

Simplify your social unit comms in one place

"Check" posts to simplify unit notifications

Invite your Kin to let their camaraderie thrive

Staying connected has never been easier

Add your units - define your dates - rebuild your journey

Historic units built by "E-Tool"

Our friends and family are known as "Kin"

Camaraderie extends beyond the uniform

Kin is invite only. Ask your



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