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I haven't written a review for an app in years but this app is so easy to use and very convenient I had to. My boyfriend is in boot camp and I had gone to Mexico for a little and wasn't able to write him handwritten letters so I sent him letters through here and they get to him so fast about 1-2 days and even print pictures. I didn't have a printer so that was a plus. It can be a little pricey but its worth it. Also, the app's UI is very user-friendly and pleasing to look at. They have been updating the app's look recently and adding helpful features, it's a great job that they have done. 6000 characters as the limit is pretty good. 

I have been using this app on my phone in conjunction with the online version on my laptop in a web browser and I like it tremendously. The notifications on the phone app are extremely helpful. I think this is a very well-thought-out service and it is extremely useful and I honestly would give it more stars if I could. I don't agree with the few negative reviews I just read here at all. My experiences with this app and service have been EXTREMELY positive. For anyone who has a recruit at boot camp, I HIGHLY recommend this service/app to get letters to them twice as fast as the postal mail service.

I’ll admit I was skeptical of paying for a service to send letters to my son when I could send him a handwritten letter from home. However, our family has come to like Sandboxx and what it provides for us. Sandboxx has given us the option to write a letter at lunch or on our breaks at work. The option to add pictures and have him receive the letter quicker than he could regular mail. He usually doesn’t receive it until the following day, but still a faster way to communicate with him. We also love that he gets paper and an envelope to mail back. I can also add return postage and he doesn’t even have to worry about the stamp! 

Love this app. It's feature rich yet simple and intuitive. One of my favorite features of the app is "Letters to Heroes". As I don't have an immediate family member in the military, I still want to show support for the troops and share events especially during veterans day, memorial day, independence day etc. Being able to quickly take a picture and write a little note and sharing that with a hero is amazing. If you are in the military, there are a bunch of other features specially tailored for you. It covers the entire lifecycle starting from Recruits to Active Duty to Veterans. Kudos to the team who are a part of this wonderful app.

When my son joined we thought we knew more than most about what to expect but I cannot thank Sandboxx enough to provide a crucial connection to my son. He was truly on his own for the first couple weeks but I know it meant the world to him to have his letters arriving with regularity. The pictures were key. I know my son was happy to see the pictures of us being silly. These letters fill their evenings before bedtime and on Sundays. It was also great that I could add the pre-addressed envelope with return postage and all he had to do was write his letter on the provided paper. 

Sandboxx has been my heart lifesaver! I can write letters to my son in the Navy boot camp and also purchase gift cards, Bible verses, motivational quotes, and daily articles news that they deliver every day. Just knowing my son gets his letters, quotes, and pics delivered overnight makes me happy and my heart warm. I mean, it keeps me posted with other news from the military, commander, and download forms that I need. Easy to use. Updated constantly. I'm able to track my letter and see when it's delivered. I just love it! Thank you, sandboxx, from one satisfied momma ❤️


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As easy as sending a text message, No need to print anything, When you’re done writing, add your photos.

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Send daily and weekly motivational quotes, newsletters to keep your recruit motivated and informed and send stamps so they are not worried about postage.

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Submit your letter by 4:30 p.m. ET Mon through Thu and enjoy next-day delivery to your recruit’s basic training or bootcamp mailroom.


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Mentally and physically prepare for the battles that lie ahead at basic training – everything from training guides, packing lists, and more.

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