How Much Does Sandboxx Cost?

Letters include 3,000 characters, a color photo, a pre-addressed return envelope, and stationery to reply

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Submit your letter before 5 PM EST, Monday through Friday, and your letter will print and ship the same day – Sandboxx is fast and easy



Sandboxx Letter vs Snail Mail


Send a letter in under 2 minutes
Track letter all the way to base
Pre-addressed return envelope
Reply stationery included
Iconic air-mail outbound envelope
Printed on Mohawk™ premium paper
Cost to print & add a color photo $2.49 Included
Cost to overnight regular mail $18-$22 Average Included
Delivery time 3-5 Days Overnight
Pre-sorted for faster delivery
Weekly training updates
Chat with military life experts No Included
Amazing Customer Support No 98% satisfied, 4.8 star rating

Start sending letters to basic training

Happy letter writing

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