From ROTC to OCS – How this Military Couple stays Connected

Team Sandboxx loves connecting military families through the Sandboxx app. Recently we heard from Sydney, …

Marine Infantry Unit Leader MOS

Team Sandboxx loves connecting military families through the Sandboxx app. Recently we heard from Sydney, who explained how she uses Sandboxx to keep in touch with her boyfriend:

At Norwich University, I am an Army ROTC cadet training to become an Army nurse. I met my love during my freshman year of college.


As a Marine Corps ROTC cadet, he will be at OCS for 6 weeks this summer while I spend 8 weeks between LDAC and NSTP. This is the first time we have been apart in 3 years. For the 60 days (+14 hours, 22 minutes, and counting) that we have been a part, communicating has been difficult.

Sandboxx is unique in that it allows me to not only send him a letter, but it includes a picture, and gives him stationery, an envelope and a stamp so that he can write back even when he is in the field.

I am currently participating in the Nursing Summer Training Program at Fort Hood and work 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Sandboxx  makes writing a letter on my lunch break easy. I can just open the app, type up my letter, attach a picture and  hit send. I don’t have to worry about finding an envelope or buying a stamp because their team does that for me. No more waiting for mail call in the morning to submit my letters.

I find comfort in knowing that as soon as I press send, my message is heading to my loved ones. Sandboxx truly is a fantastic company that helps keep military families stay connected.


As a future officer in the military I have learned that you can’t always plan where you’ll be, but with new ideas such as Sandboxx, I know I will be able to stay in touch with my family and friends no matter where the military takes me.

Families can send messages and photos from the Sandboxx app to service members and recruits who are off-the-grid without their phones. Just type your message on the app, add a photo and hit send. We’ll print and send your letter and include a stamped, addressed return envelope. Sandboxx is also a great place to find and connect with your current and past units. 

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