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8 things you might not know about Sandboxx

Do you know someone who has just left for basic training, or will be soon? Maybe you are searching on Google for “Sandboxx Company” so...

Do you know someone who has just left for basic training, or will be soon? Maybe you are searching on Google for “Sandboxx Company” so that you can learn more about the app you’ve heard about. Sandboxx is a mobile and desktop app that enables friends and families to stay connected to their loved ones joining the military through letters. You can learn more about how Sandboxx works in our article here. Below are some facts about Sandboxx you might not have known.

1. We’re a Veteran-Owned Company

We’re proud to be a veteran-owned company that’s serving our military community. Two of our co-founders are proud Marine veterans, Major General Ray Smith, and Sam Meek. Their passion for the military community inspired them to start a business that would enable them to give back to the military community that had given both of them so much.

2. There’s a reason for the two “X’s” in the name Sandboxx

When trying to think of a name for the company, Sam recalled his two tours in Iraq, where camaraderie and love for your fellow service members are truly apparent and was drawn to Iraq’s military nickname, “Sandbox”.

After some more brainstorming, Sam thought back to his childhood when he spent time on the playground, specifically in sandboxes, where he would meet and connect with other kids in his community. Taking an “x” from each sandbox.

Sam came up with Sandboxx, a place for the military community to connect and thrive.

3. Team Sandboxx is a part of the military community

Thats’s right, a handful of Team Sandboxx is made up of veterans, military spouses, and military brats.

16 veterans.

20 military spouses.

4 military brats.

We take pride in helping our military community because for many of us it is our community as well. Our team members are located all throughout the country at multiple military bases, even internationally in Guam.

4. Sending letters through Sandboxx still supports USPS

Sandboxx letters that are sent to basic training locations are sent via Fedex for overnight delivery. But, every Sandboxx letter still receives USPS postage. This is because mail is only legally mail with a stamp on it.

All other letters that are sent to non basic training bases are sent via USPS.

In addition, we work directly with the USPS innovation team to provide Sandboxx users with Reply Mail Tracking so that users can know when their recruit has written a letter back to them.

5. Letters can be sent to any military base in the world

A majority of Sandboxx letters are sent to basic training locations, but you can send a Sandboxx letter anywhere in the world.

Sandboxx letters are also commonly used during deployments so families can stay connected while their loved one is overseas.

As long as the letter you are sending has a real address on it, we’ll send it anywhere.

6. We send 9,000 letters a day

To date we’ve sent over 4.5 million letters to basic training and deployed service members. Each week we send, on average, 45,000 letters. That’s 9,000 letters a day.

Monday through Friday our operations team is hard at work in our print room ensuring that your letters get out on time.

7. We have contracts with each military exchange

Our mission at Sandboxx is to help make service members and their supporters more mission-ready than ever before. Sandboxx works with the Military Exchanges, who run all of the stores on bases, to ensure that service members have access to essential items throughout and after their training.

Profits that are made by the Department of Defense-run Exchanges are then invested back into the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation services on the base that increase the quality of life for low or no cost to the service member e.g. gyms, childcare facilities, auto-shops

8. You can send a letter on your phone or desktop

Sandboxx is a mobile app, but we’ve enabled the community to be able to send letters from their desktop as well. Our desktop app functions the same as our mobile, making sending letters accessible to more people.

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