Sandboxx Stories: Alaniz, Marine Milspouse

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In …

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In this series, learn more about people who utilize Sandboxx to stay connected with their recruits and trainees. 

Meet Alaniz, a Marine Milspouse. Despite the distance, Sandboxx has helped her stay connected with her husband.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your recruit.

My recruit, Cristian, and I have been married about 2 years and are middle school sweethearts! We have a 3 month old son, Ezra. We are located in Florida! We both always knew Cristian’s calling was the military, which is why he chose to become a United States Marine.

How did sending letters with Sandboxx help you connect and stay in touch with your recruit during basic training?

Cristian had to leave for bootcamp shortly after our son was born. Having the ability to send a letter daily with pictures gave me comfort knowing he could see him. Also, Cristian loves all the pictures because of how fast Ezra was growing!

How did you first hear about Sandboxx? After using it for a while, what do you think about Sandboxx?

I heard of Sandboxx through Cristian’s recruiter. After using it for a while, I loved it! To be able to track letters outgoing and incoming from him whenever he was able to write kept the excitement of this experience!

Any plans for your recruit after basic training? 

We plan on using the time given to spend quality time as a family of 3! Once he’s done he will go to MCT and his MOS. Once that is done we will go to the base selected for our family and start our next adventure!

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