Sandboxx Stories: Felicia, Navy Mom

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In …

190906-N-PL946-1098 GREAT LAKES, Ill. (Sep. 6, 2019) Graduating recruits stand in formation inside Midway Ceremonial Drill Hall during a pass-in-review graduation ceremony at Recruit Training Command. More than 35,000 recruits train annually at the Navy's only boot camp. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Spencer Fling)

At Sandboxx, we are always working hard to listen to our customers and families. In this series, learn more about people who utilize Sandboxx to stay connected with their recruits and trainees. 

Meet Felicia, a Navy Mom. Her daughter was ready to serve her country, and Felicia was there to support her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your recruit or your recent graduate. Where are you from? Which branch of the military is your recruit in?

I am a nurse working 12-hour shifts. My daughter has a Bachelor of Science degree and with the pandemic hitting and the many interviews she kept hearing she needed more experience and one day she said, “mom, I want to do more and serve my country and help others.” My recruit is following in her father’s footsteps and joined the Navy as an E3 with the goal to gain experience to become an officer and continue her education towards her Master’s degree.

How did sending letters with Sandboxx help you connect and stay in touch with your recruit during basic training?

Sandboxx was a blessing to be able to stay connected with my recruit throughout basic training with being able to have next-day delivery and information at my fingertips on what she is doing week to week with the tasks they have to endure.

How did you first hear about Sandboxx? After using it for a while, what do you think about Sandboxx?

I heard of Sandboxx through my daughter’s Navy recruiter. Sandboxx is the best for sending my letters and I can add a picture without even leaving my home to go to the post office.

Any plans for your recruit after basic training? What’s next for you or for them?

My daughter Briana will be going to A school in Mississippi for RS to continue to serve her country. She plans to obtain her master’s in communication, and she has her bachelors in mass communication.

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