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USMC Combat Fitness Test (CFT) | 2021 Standards

New CFT standards were just published. Do you know what your score will be?...
marine corps combat fitness test maneuver under fire

Throughout boot camp recruits will face many battles, where they will be tested beyond exhaustion to see who has what it takes. One of the many battles you will face through out boot camp is the USMC Combat Fitness Test (CFT). The CFT is designed to ensure that Marines are able to meet the physical demands their jobs will require during combat. Not only do recruits need to pass the final CFT during boot camp in order to graduate, but will continue to take the CFT once a year for the rest of their Marine Corps career. Below are the 2021 CFT standards.

The USMC Combat Fitness Test is made up of three different events:

Movement to contact.

Marines are timed for an 880-yard sprint that mimics running under pressure in a combat environment.

Ammunition lift.

Marines must lift a 30-pound ammunition can from the ground to overhead as many times as possible within two minutes.

Maneuver under fire.

Marines must complete a 300-yard obstacle that consists of many combat related challenges including; a variety of crawls, resupplying ammunition, throwing a grenade, agility running, and dragging and carrying another Marine.

USMC Male CFT Standards:

Age GroupMovement To Contact MinimumAmmunition Lift MinimumManuever Under Fire Minimum

View the entire Movement to Contact standards here.
View the entire Ammunition Lift standards here.
View the entire Maneuver Under Fire standards here.

USMC Female CFT Standards:

Age GroupMovement To Contact MinimumAmmunition Lift Minimum Manuever Under Fire Minimum

Use the USMC Official CFT Calculator to calculate your score.

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