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5 Tips to get through Basic Training Boot Camp

Follow these tips to have a 'smooth' experience at basic training....
air force basic marching formation

1. Prioritize

In Boot Camp your life is going to be broken down into two parts:

a) The things you want to do – sleep, read or write letters, talk with your buddies etc
b) The things you have to do – shine your shoes, do your laundry, buff floors, scrub toilets etc

Don’t be tempted to slack off and procrastinate. Be disciplined and take care of what you have to first.

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2. You Don’t Make the Rules

Never argue with your Drill Sergeants/RDCs/DIs/TIs/CCs/etc. You will never win and it will cost you in terms of extra PT. In the battle of wills, they hold a decidedly unfair advantage.

air force technical instructor mentors a recruit

3. Pick Me

Standing out can have its rewards, but it is a double-edged sword. You won’t likely be asked to volunteer for a leadership assignment, like squad leader, but if they do pick you, you will be responsible for not only your own performance but also those in your squad.

navy boot camp at rtc great lakes

4. Stay Focused

Stay focused on the task at hand. Boot Camp is 80% mental, and 20% physical so don’t start thinking about how long more you have left or how tough it is. Giving up is not an option.

coast guard boat jumps the surf

5. Help Your Buddy

You will live, eat, sleep, fight and die as a team. The sooner you learn to work as a team, the sooner life will get better for you. Boot camp is about being part of the team; individuals are weeded out and swiftly taken care of. You need to be focus on the “WE” aspect of everything you do.

two army soldiers run up an incline with rucks

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