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5 basic training fitness tips from an Armed Forces Boxing champ

James “Spider” Webb is a three time All-Army and Armed Forces Boxing Champion, 2000 Olympics …


James “Spider” Webb is a three time All-Army and Armed Forces Boxing Champion, 2000 Olympics Alternate and Former World-Ranked Pro with a record of 22 wins, 3 losses and 20 knock-outs.

James “Spider” Webb

When it comes to fitness training and motivation, James has shown repeatedly that he walks the walk. Team Sandboxx asked him for his top five fitness and motivation tips for those of you preparing for boot camp.

1. Crawl before you walk
Getting into shape doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t start off like you’re training for the Olympics. For example, if you are just starting to run or jog. Start off jogging until out of breath, then walk at a semi brisk pace. Once you can breath again start jogging and repeat. Eventually you will make it further and further; then you will complete the whole run without walking and work on getting your time down.

2. The early bird gets the worm
James found it best to jog first thing in the morning because your stomach is empty meaning that there will be less chance of cramps. Getting up and getting the heart pumping usually gives you more energy throughout the day. The most important thing is that it’s done and out of the way. The old saying of “I’ll do it later”, usually means that you won’t do it later. You should also get into the habit of knocking out a few sets off push ups and set ups after your jog. After your training you should stretch to cut down on soreness and injuries.

3. Consistency
Consistency is key. If you start then stop every few weeks, you are fighting a losing battle. Get a schedule and stick to it!

4. Discipline
Discipline and consistency are tightly tied together. Discipline is the key to all aspects of life. Military life requires even more discipline, so start to build it now. Set that alarm clock and get up. There is an old commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts, where the baker gets up through all circumstances and says “time to make the donuts”. James said that he tells himself that every morning. You have to find whatever motivation works for you.

5. Attitude
Your attitude determines your altitude – having a positive attitude toward your fitness goals makes it a lot easier. You’re already having to get up early and deal with soreness, so why make it worse with a bad attitude? In life your attitude towards everything will determine the outcome, so be positive, be strong and get fit.

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