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USMC Boot Camp: Gas Chamber and Rappel Tower

At Marine Corps Depot Parris Island, your Recruit will be taught a myriad of skills …

marine corps boot camp rappel tower

At Marine Corps Depot Parris Island, your Recruit will be taught a myriad of skills that could be potentially used in a future combat situation.  Two of these skills are Rappelling and the skills used to protect them from a potential Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) attack.

The rappel tower consists of three parts.  First your recruit will learn how to fastrope.  This is a very basic method to insert into an area using only a rope, no safeties or other gear.  Secondly, your recruit will learn how to tie a Military Rappel Seat.  This is more or less a rappel harness tied out of a single rope, and very effective in situations where a quick rappel is needed. Third, your Recruit will execute the rappel tower in the Military Rappel Seat that they just tied.  These skills learned are what makes Marines very adaptable and able to be successful in all situations.

The Gas Chamber is broken into two parts. First your Recruit will learn about the Field Protective Mask.  This mask is what Marines use to protect them from most CBRN attacks.  They will learn how to properly size and wear the mask, as well as clean and take care of it.  Secondly, your Recruit will go through the Gas Chamber with their mask on.  They will be introduced to CS Gas, which is closely related to Tear Gas and has similar affects.  This introduction will build confidence in your Recruit that the gas mask they are issued actually works, and that they know how to properly use it.

Both of the above skills allow Marines to react and combat any situation that the enemy may throw at us.  A Marine is expected to fight in any clime and place!

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