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Top Apps for Traveling to Military Graduation

Traveling can be far from easy with all types of paperwork, airport security and getting …


Traveling can be far from easy with all types of paperwork, airport security and getting around new cities. Particularly if you are heading to a military graduation, you want to ensure your time is spent with your new service member and enjoying your trip. To help with this, we have compiled our top apps for traveling to graduation to make your travel as stress free as possible. The best part is that the basic versions of all these apps are free.

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Getting around a new place can be difficult when you don’t know how to get a cab or public transport. Thankfully Uber is available in every part of the country. Simply download the app and enter some card details and you can order a ride to your hotel, the airport or even on to base if you aren’t renting a car.

Top tip: For first time users, Uber usually has a wide variety of promo codes which can save you money on your first ride!

Check out Uber.



TripIt solves all the issues of trying to find different confirmation emails which can be an issue for graduation travel. Simply set up an account and forward your travel confirmation emails to it and it will compile a master itinerary so you can’t lose any important details. With the Pro version, it will also give up real-time updates of any delays or changes in plans.

Check out TripIt.

Google Maps


It comes with almost every smart phone these days but it is an invaluable resource when you are traveling to graduation. You can use it to navigate, figure out how long it will take you to get from your hotel to base and even use it to see what restaurants are around to go eat at. Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere without it!

Sandboxx Tip: If you are driving around for graduation, you can use Google Maps to pin where you park so you don’t forget!

Check out Google Maps.

Flio – Global Airport App


Flio is a really handy app for all things airport. It gives you real-time info about your flight status, helps you connect to airport WiFi as well as notifications about any airport deals and hints and tips for finding stuff around the airport! No more running around looking for a charging socket for your phone or a kid’s play area.

Check out Flio.

Packing List for Travel – PacKKing


This one is for all the people who travel and realize they’ve forgotten their shoes when they arrive to their hotel. PacKKing gives you a personalized packing list to check off based on a couple of questions like weather, events and length of stay. It divides items up by category too.

Check out PacKKing.



All those pictures you are going to take at graduation deserve to be seen by the world and Instagram is the perfect platform for posting. You can have a profile to show them only to your friends or share for the whole world to see. You can tag people, use filters if your lighting wasn’t great and make videos. You can save everything you post on Instagram to your phone. If you do upload your graduation pictures to Instagram, make sure to tag us @sandboxxapp or use #SandboxxLetters so we can check them out too.

Check out Instagram.


images (1).jpeg

Whether it’s going off base for food and don’t know what you want or you want to find a fun activity for the whole family, Foursquare can help find you the best spots.  You select what you want, what times you want to go at and Foursquare will use your location to pull up anything that matches your requirements. It helps avoid going to the worst restaurant on your evening out with your new service member.

Check out FourSquare.

Amazon Kindle App


So you are fully organized for your trip and you are sitting around in the airport or on the plane, is there a better way to relax than with a nice book? The Amazon Kindle App works offline so just buy a book of Amazon, download it and then read it anywhere you want, all from the ease of your phone. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can also buy books on the app. All the joys of a new book with no impact on the size of your luggage!

Check out Amazon Kindle.

Let us know which of these apps you loved or your suggestions for other app’s that helped you get to your graduation!

The editorial team at Sandboxx.