Preparing to become a Marine Officer

Emma Wade, a Marine Officer candidate, shares her thoughts on preparing to be a leader in the Corps.
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I strongly believe that leadership, fitness, and ethics play an enormous role in not only preparing to become a Marine officer, but maintaining a good status once in.

become a Marine Officer

Ductus Exemplo translated from Latin means Lead By Example. Any leader knows that one must lead from the front to be effective and respected but those under their command. I have taken the initiative to not only continue to better myself as a person but also as a future officer by holding leadership positions, both at home and at college. I have held and organized several fundraising efforts, in various roles, for the local animal shelter and underprivileged children. I am currently the vice president of my school’s student veterans organization, which is designed to help our nation’s service members successfully transition from the battlefield to the classroom.

Maintaining and excelling physically is key not only for mission readiness and success, but also to set a good example for those I will one day lead. Nobody wants a lackluster officer that can barely meet fitness standards as their leader. I train six days a week by running and lifting weights. I target every muscle group to prepare myself for the rigors of Officer Candidates School. I will admit that my three mile run can use some improvement, but I continue to push myself to achieve the ideal run time of 21 minutes. It is perfectly okay if there are some aspects of your fitness that need help, but train hard to better yourself and never give up.

become a Marine Officer

Ethics is just as important as being a leader and holding yourself to high physical standards. As a future leader, I have kept and continue to keep my nose clean by engaging in various activities on campus as well as in the community here at school and at home. I have kept myself out of trouble by participating in healthy actives, such as horseback riding. I grew up on a farm and would often find myself pitching in doing whatever needed to be done. My time was so occupied that I never had a chance or opportunity to get in trouble. I am incredibly grateful for such supportive parents, my two brothers and friends. I credit the way I was raised in keeping on the correct course. For those looking at joining, surround yourself with a positive support system that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Emma Wade – Marine Officer Candidate

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