Inside the Boxx: Derril L.

Meet Derril Lucci! He has been with Sandboxx since June 2022 as a Senior Android …

Meet Derril Lucci! He has been with Sandboxx since June 2022 as a Senior Android Engineer. He is responsible for ensuring the Sandboxx app is running smoothly for our Android users. Learn more about Derril’s experience working at Sandboxx and his family connection to the military.

Derril L. (middle) pictured with other members of the Sandboxx Engineering team.

What first attracted you to work at Sandboxx? 

What attracted me to Sandboxx were two things. First, our mission to serve Veterans. My Dad was a Colonel in the Marines and my Grandfather was a Corporal so I grew up around the Marines and this is a great way to give back to that community. The second item that drew me to Sandboxx is the ability to work at a startup. I’ve worked for big companies before but doing so can take a while for your impact to be felt. Working at a startup allows for new team members to come in and have an almost immediate impact.    

What is something unique about your team? 

The Android team is completely remote with members all around the world. We currently have teammates on three continents and it helps having people from all different backgrounds bring their own viewpoints and experiences when it comes time to solve a technical problem. Plus, we are quite nimble and can pivot to work on a higher priority problem should it come up.

What is something you’re proud of that you’ve achieved at Sandboxx? 

We had a challenging release a couple of months back that involved stripping out libraries on the fly and replacing those libraries with custom built functionality. I remember that I had to work until 2 am to fix this functionality. While this would not be consistently enjoyable, I enjoy the rush of this every now and then.  

What does Sandboxx’s mission of connecting our military community mean to you? 

Being able to give back to the military community is huge. I think the possibilities with our product is enormous and has the limitless potential to facilitate the lives of Veterans and their families through all phases of their military career.

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