Funny Boot Camp Stories – Volume 1

The high stress environment of basic training plus the creativity/cruelty of some instructors leads to some pretty funny incidents.
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Boot camp and basic training are high stress environments. That, combined with some genius/cruel Drill Instructors leads to pretty funny incidents.

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One of the guys fell asleep during fire watch. One of the drill instructors ambushed him and told him that he was now dead. So then he had to go around being a spooky ghost . So he has to walk around with a sheet over his head booing and shaking everyone’s racks. It would have been hilarious if I wasn’t so damn tired.


Permission to adjust

I had the pleasure of witnessing this one myself. At the end of the chow line the MTIs have a table called the Snake Pit. The MTIs randomly pull out trainees and question them on stuff we’re supposed to know. One day, they pull out one poor sap from our brother flight. It went roughly as follows:

TI: “Trainee! What is the insignia of the full Colonel?”

Trainee: “The insignia of the Colonel is the bird sir.”

TI: “What type of bird exactly?!”

Trainee: “Permission to adjust sir?”

TI: “…. Adjust ….”

Trainee then proceeds to SET HIS TRAY ON THEIR TABLE, put is hands up in the “Egyptian” pose but with both hands outward, turns his head to the side and says “Like this sir.”

The onlooking TIs nearly choked on their food while the questioning TI stared at him dumbfoundedly for a few moments before yelling at him to “Get (his) sh*t off of (their) table and get the fuck out of (their) sight.”

Oh that was probably one of the best times I’ve seen a TI at a loss for words…


Double Mattress

In the barracks where I did my basic we had “cubicles” our bunks were separated by a half wall. My bed and the bed of the troop next to me were both against that half wall. Part of our layout for inspection was a specific set of gear on the bed.

One morning inspection our platoon Sgt decided that the bed layout of the troop next to me was utter shit so the Sgt flipped the mattress so hard it landed on my bunk covering my layout.

So after the Sgt finished reaming out the troop next to me he takes one look at my bunk and starts reaming me out because apparently I think I’m special and deserve two mattresses.


Thanks to the Veterans over at Reddit for sharing their boot camp stories.

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