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Fort Moore Graduation

Preparing for Fort Moore Graduation can be very exciting, especially when you have accurate information regarding transportation, …


Preparing for Fort Moore Graduation can be very exciting, especially when you have accurate information regarding transportation, accommodations, and agenda of the activities.

To make sure you have the most up-to-date information possible, we’ve compiled many of the frequently asked questions – and their answers – that we receive from families who are traveling to Fort Moore for Army basic training graduation.

When is Fort Moore Graduation?

Basic Combat Training for all Military Occupation Specialties is 10 weeks, while Infantry and Armor OSUT last 22 weeks.. Fort Moore graduations are held on the Thursday or Friday of the last week of basic training. Families will receive a letter from Fort Moore detailing all of the information regarding graduation dates and activities.

We recommend making your reservation for the day prior to Family Day so you can be ready for Family Day and the Meet and Greet dinner.

Where is Fort Moore?

Fort Moore (Previously names Fort Benning) is located 12 miles from Columbus, Georgia and 90 miles from Atlanta. Enjoy the variety of venues located by Fort Moore, such as the National Infantry Museum and Columbus Riverwalk.

If you are flying to graduation you can choose from two airports.

  • Columbus Airport (CSG) – 30 minutes from Fort Moore
  • Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (ATL) – 1.5 hours from Fort Moore

Shuttles operate from both airports to Fort Moore but we do recommend renting a car for getting from your hotel to base and anywhere else you may want to go.

Graduation is held on Inouye Field, adjacent to the National Infantry Museum, and may be moved indoors or to another location if the weather is supposed to be inclement.

For getting on to base, all guests over the age of 18 will need to present a valid form of identification. If you are driving onto the base, make sure you have your proof of insurance and driver’s license. If you’re renting a car, your rental agreement will serve as your proof of insurance. Look for a letter from your recruit or command with detailed information on their particular graduation details. There are no tickets or limitations on the amount that can attend graduation events at Fort Moore so invite as many friends and family as you like!

Fort Moore Graduation Schedule

Fort Moore Family Day

Armor and Infantry OSUT Training have different systems regarding Family Day. If your Soldier is in Infantry OSUT, Family Day will occur the day before graduation after the “Turning Blue” Ceremony.  The “Turning Blue” ceremony takes place for Infantry OSUT Soldiers the day before graduation.  You may have the opportunity to place the coveted Infantry Blue cord on your Soldier.  

For other OSUT units, Fort Moore’s family day takes place the day before graduation for Soldiers who have completed basic training and will be the first opportunity to see them since leaving for basic training. You will receive information from Fort Moore regarding those details.

There are a lot of rules regarding Family Day for your Soldiers. They are permitted to leave base, but must stay within a roughly 25-mile radius of the base in the Phoenix/Columbus city area. Your Soldier will be informed of all the rules regarding their pass to spend time with you, and it is important that they follow all rules. Soldiers who don’t report back on time or violate other rules can face serious repercussions, so ensure that you leave with ample time to get back on base.

Fort Moore Graduation Day

Graduation day will be one of the most memorable days of your lives for you and your Soldier. They have spent the last few months pushing past their limits and earning the title of United States Soldier. Graduation is full of traditions and formalities, which echo the level of excellence your new Soldier now possesses.

Remember to bring the letter you received from your recruit or their command in regards to graduation details, as they can vary depending on the company or MOS.

Fort Moore Graduation takes place opposite the National Infantry Museum, in Inouye Field. The field holds a large stadium with bleachers where you will sit and watch the ceremony.

From April to September, graduation takes place at 9am with October through March graduations starting at 10am.

Sandboxx TIP:  Arrive early.

Depending on weather and other variables, graduation times may vary. We recommend you arrive at least 30-45 minutes early, if not earlier. The Fort Moore MoCE Band will be playing so you will not be bored. Graduation will start on time and will involve a number of different demonstrations and marches where your new Soldier will show off their drill skills. The ceremony usually takes less than an hour.

Graduation etiquette is easy to follow. There are no rigid procedures, and most rules are common sense. Listen to the various speakers, if signals to clap or stay silent are given, you should follow them. Treat the other families and loved ones with respect. You are all there to celebrate your loved ones and their journey into the U.S. Army.

After graduation, similarly to Family Day, soldiers are permitted to travel off base with their family for the day, provided they aren’t leaving immediately for their next stage of training. The same rules listed earlier apply.

Fort Moore Graduation Information

Fort Moore Pictures

Families are encouraged to capture graduation memories through pictures and video. The only restriction is not to take pictures of the gates which may pose a security threat. If you don’t fancy yourself as a photographer, the Infantry museum takes pictures of the day as well as individual company pictures, all of which can be obtained for free from their archive or Facebook page. There is also a vendor where you can purchase videos of graduation as well as individual pictures of your Soldier.

Fort Moore Graduation Live Stream

The National Infantry Museum which is located beside the graduation grounds provides a Graduation live stream if you are not able to attend in person so you don’t have to miss a single moment, whether you can travel or not.

Fort Moore Map

When going on to base for graduation, there will be plenty of soldiers and staff on hand to direct you in the correct direction so a map won’t be necessary. However, if you would like to have one on hand, you can download it from the Official Fort Moore website.

What should I wear to graduation?

There is no official dress code for graduation. You can wear anything from casual to your Sunday’s best.  Your new Soldier will be wearing their Army dress uniform so you may want to keep this in mind when choosing your attire. The walk to the stadium for graduation can be quite long, so wearing comfortable shoes is a wise choice, especially if you’re inclined to break out in a sprint when you see your new Soldier.

Fort Moore Graduation takes place mostly outside and the weather in Georgia is unpredictable. It’s probably best to check a few days in advance when planning what to wear. There is nothing worse than sitting at graduation shivering in the cold or sweating from the heat. You will likely be sitting on bleachers, so it’s advised to bring something to sit on, as the bleachers are either freezing in the cold or quite hot in warm weather.

Are there accommodations for those with disabilities?

The entire base is accessible, and wheelchairs are provided at the Infantry Museum.  Trams also run from the carpark to Inouye Field for graduation. Service dogs are permitted at all graduation ceremonies and events. If you require additional accommodations, you should contact Fort Moore directly.

Can we purchase items on base?

There is a store within the Infantry Museum for purchasing essentials like sunscreen and water. There are also kiosks located near the graduation field for purchasing souvenirs, as well as concession stands for snacks and drinks during graduation.

The feeling you will get when you see your new Soldier for the first time will be more than you could ever imagine. It is truly a special day and a time to enjoy and celebrate all of your Soldier’s accomplishments.

Happy travels, and congratulations to you and your soon-to-be new Soldier!

The editorial team at Sandboxx.