Fort Jackson Graduation

Whether your trainee just left for basic training or is nearing the end, graduation will …


Whether your trainee just left for basic training or is nearing the end, graduation will be here before you know it. Below you’ll find help in planning your trip to see your soon-to-be Soldier at Fort Jackson.

When is Fort Jackson Graduation?

Upon successful completion of training your Soldier In Training (SIT) will graduate a Soldier. Fort Jackson Graduation will typically be held on Thursday during the tenth week of training. Graduation schedules may vary so it’s always important to make sure you write to your recruit and ask when their graduation day is scheduled for.

When should I arrive for Fort Jackson Graduation?

Most Fort Jackson Graduations will take place on a Thursday morning, following Family Day on Wednesday. If you want to make it to all of the graduation events (if you can, you should) then plan to arrive in South Carolina on a Tuesday. Even though we know you will be extremely anxious to see your new Soldier you will not be able to get onto the base or see them until your scheduled Family Day.

What is Fort Jackson Family Day?

Fort Jackson Family Day is the day before graduation when you will get to see your Soldier for the first time since they left for basic training. The day’s activities will begin at Hilton Field at 9am when you meet the battalion commander. The battalion commander will talk to families about the transition their new Soldier made over the last ten weeks. Families will be able to ask questions and meet the unit’s drill sergeants (the one’s responsible for your Soldier’s transformation) and watch demonstrations of some of the skills your Soldier acquired while at training. Following demonstrations will be the moment you have for so long waited for – seeing your Soldier.

To ensure that you get the best possible view of your Soldier you will want to make sure you sit in their respective company sections. Each section will be clearly marked for easy identification. While facing the field Alpha will be on your far left going in order- Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo and with Foxtrot being far right. The same arrangement will be used for the Graduation Day ceremony.

After spending some time with your Soldier you will be able to join them for a buffet dinner at one of the clubs on the post. You will be able to purchase tickets for dinner upon arrival at Family Day. Your Soldier will receive an ON-POST pass, meaning they can’t leave the base, and will need to arrive back to their barracks by 8pm. Don’t worry there will be plenty of time during Family Day and Graduation to take all sorts of pictures.

What is Fort Jackson Graduation day like?

Fort Jackson Graduation will be held at 9 a.m. (Spring/Summer schedule) or 10 a.m. (Fall/Winter schedule) on Hilton Field, unless otherwise indicated. Graduation day is filled with a lot of emotions and will be a day you and your new Soldier will remember forever. Families from all over the country will have traveled to attend graduation, so expect a big crowd, and don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

After the graduation ceremony, Soldiers will be released to their family for transport to AIT. Soldiers who will not be transported to AIT will have an OFF-POST pass and must return to the barracks by 8:00 p.m.

What do I need in order to get on base at Fort Jackson?

To get on base, all guests, 18 and older, will need to present a valid form of identification. Unless you are military personnel and have a military id you will need the following with you when you arrive at Fort Jackson for graduation:

  • Drivers license
  • Driver’s Proof of Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Card (if arriving by motorcycle)
  • Fort Jackson Family Day and Graduation Pass

How do I get a Family Day and Graduation pass?

At the current time, there is no need to obtain a pass. However this may be subject to change so please check any correspondence you receive and ask your recruit through mail.

When driving to base you will need to place the pass you obtained on the dashboard of the car so the guard at the gate can see it. Be prepared to have your vehicle searched upon arrival at Fort Jackson (hint: give yourself plenty of time to get on base). 

How do I get on base at Fort Jackson?

For both Family Day and Graduation day you will need to go through Gate 4. Gate 4 will be open beginning at 5am.k

Going North on I-77:

  1. Take Exit 13 Decker Boulevard
  2. Go to the stop light
  3. Turn right onto Percival Road
  4. Proceed to the stop light
  5. Turn right onto Boyden Arbor Road

Going South on I-77:

  1. Take Exit 15 Percival Road
  2. Turn right onto Percival Road
  3. Proceed to the stop light
  4. Turn left onto Boyden Arbor Road

Once you get through the gates there will be a blue line for you to follow in your car that will take you directly to Hilton Field where you will get to see your Soldier for the first time.

Can my soldier come home after Fort Jackson Graduation?

After Fort Jackson Graduation your Soldier will be required to go onto Advanced Individual Training (AIT) where they will be trained for their specific Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Depending on which AIT location your Soldier is ordered to will determine what happens after graduation.

Soldiers with AIT locations EAST of the Mississippi:

If your Soldier is given authorization by the Command they can be transported to their AIT location by immediate family members (parents, spouses, siblings and grandparents). They will be required to sign in by Friday evening, they day after graduation, at their AIT location. Soldiers are given 24 hours to travel to their AIT location and will take government contracted travel if not being transported by family.

Soldiers with AIT locations WEST of the Mississippi:

All Soldiers who have an AIT location west of the Mississippi will not be able to travel with family to their next location. Soldiers will be required to take government and travel and will leave early the morning after graduation. They will be taken to the airport/train/bus terminals through government travel, and family will not be able to see them off.

Soldiers with AIT at Ft Jackson:

Soldiers who will continue their AIT at Fort Jackson will be traveling by government contract and will be transported to check in by the Drill Sergeant on Friday morning.

The feeling you get when you see your new Soldier for the first time will be more than you could ever imagine. It is truly a special day and time to enjoy and celebrate all of your Soldier’s accomplishments.

Happy travels, and congratulations to you and your soon-to-be new Soldier!

The editorial team at Sandboxx.