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Coast Guard boot camp: Everything you need to know

Coast Guard boot camp, where recruits will transform from a civilian to a United States …


Coast Guard boot camp, where recruits will transform from a civilian to a United States Coast Guardsman. Coast Guard Boot camp will be mentally and physically challenging as recruits will learn about the importance of hard work and working together as a team. Whether you’re headed to Coast Guard boot camp soon, or know someone who will be here is everything you need to know about the journey that lies ahead.

How Long Is Coast Guard Boot Camp?

Coast Guard boot camp is approximately eight weeks long. Each week recruits are mentally and physically challenged to see if they have what it takes to join the United States Coast Guard.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week One

Recruits will spend the first week of Coast Guard boot camp going through in-processing. Dental and Medical processing will be done upon arrival at Cape May. Recruits will be given their first fitness test during week one, which will determine if they are fit enough to be at training. If a recruit fails the fitness test they will not be able to carry on with Coast Guard training.

During the first week, recruits will also be introduced to their Company Commanders (CCs). Company Commanders will be responsible for the transformation of recruits from a civilian to a military trained Coast Guardsman.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Two

Week two will consist of early morning workouts, a swim assessment, and adjusting to the new norm. During week two recruits will also be introduced to their Company Mentor. A Company Mentor is a Coast Guardsman who is currently in the fleet who will spend time with a company throughout their training to talk to them about what a career in the Coast Guard entails. Company Mentors will meet with recruits periodically throughout training.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Three

Week three will continue to be mentally and physically challenging. But by now, recruits should have a good grip on listening and obeying orders. Recruits will begin to work on drill, which will help them learn how to work together as a team.

Recruits will begin to dive deep into the knowledge that will be required of them in order to graduate, this includes learning about the types and parts of a line, deck seamanship, and different types of knots.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Four

If you think that boot camp will get easier as the weeks pass, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed. During week four of boot camp recruits will be tested physically, through a physical fitness test, and mentally during their mid-term examination.

Week four also gives recruits a glimpse into the future as a Coast Guardsman, as they’ll learn about the various enlisted careers, go over pay and allowances, do some career planning, and receive their assignments.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Five

By week five recruits should be fully acclimated to their new lifestyle. Drill rehearsal will be a primary focus for the week, as graduation nears. Recruits will receive their dress uniforms during week five, as well as assist with graduation events for the graduating class, giving them the motivation to continue to keep up the good work, and that the finish line is near.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Six

Week six will consist of firearms training as the recruits learn about firearm safety and how to properly shoot a gun. In between time in the classroom and at the range, recruits will get to fight it out in a pugil stick battle. Pugil stick battles help recruits learn how to fight with a rifle in a safe and controlled environment, as well as help increase recruit’s confidence in their ability to fight.

The rest of the week will consist of administrative work as recruits prepare their travel plans for after graduation.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Week Seven

A week away from graduation, week seven is all about ensuring that recruits will be ready to enter the fleet and properly execute their jobs. Every week of boot camp has lead up to week seven when recruits will take their final exam and go through a final confidence course. Towards the end of the week, recruits will begin to turn in their gear and prep for graduation.

During week seven recruits will also receive their orders and find out where they are headed in the fleet.

Coast Guard Boot CampWeek Eight

The most anticipated week of training, week eight brings the excitement of graduation. By this week recruits will have proven to their Company Commander that they have met all the requirements required of them. They’ve demonstrated how to work together as a team and have put in all the work.

Recruits will graduate Friday morning and will make the final transformation into a United States Coast Guardsman. Graduation is an exciting time for recruits, and their families, read our post on Coast Guard boot camp graduation to learn about what you can expect.

Where does Coast Guard do training?

Coast Guard boot camp is held at U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. Cape May is located on the eastern coast of New Jersey. Recruits are able to receive letters throughout boot camp, it is highly encouraged to send them motivation and support as they embark on this journey. Get the mailing address for Coast Guard Boot Camp.

What Are The Physical Requirements To Join The Coast Guard?

Male Requirments

Push-UpsSit-Ups1.5 Mile RunSwim Circuit
29 in 60 seconds38 in 60 seconds12:51Tread Water for 5 minutesJump off a 6-foot platform and swim 100 meters

Female Requirements

Push-UpsSit-Ups1.5 Mile RunSwim Circuit
15 in 60 seconds32 in 60 seconds15:26Tread Water for 5 minutesJump off a 6-foot platform and swim 100 meters

Coast Guard Boot Camp Dates

Ship DateGraduationCompany

Coast Guard Boot Camp Reversion

Coast Guard boot camp is mentally and physically demanding. It is not uncommon for a recruit to be reverted during their time at training. When a recruit is reverted, they are sent to the Recruit Aptitude and Motivation Program (RAMP). Recruits who are not meeting the expectations needed to continue on to the next week of training are sent to RAMP and given the opportunity to prove that they can meet the standards required of them.

A recruit in RAMP will still in RAMP until the Company Commander feels that they are capable of going back to a training unit. Recruits that successfully complete RAMP will then go back to the week that they were in before being sent to RAMP and continue on with the remainder of training.

Although it’s not a good thing to be reverted, reversion does not necessarily mean a recruit will be kicked out of boot camp. If a recruit continues to show the command that they cannot meet the standards of the Coast Guard and do not show any improvement, they will, after time, be asked to leave training.

Since reversion at Coast Guard boot camp is common, it’s important for friends and family to be cautious when making graduation travel arrangements. Being reverted will delay the graduation of the recruit, by at least one week if not more.

Coast Guard Friends and Family

Whether you’re a service member or family member of a Coast Guardsman, one thing you will quickly learn is that the Coast Guard community is relatively small compared to the other branches in the military.

The Coast Guard has done a great job of fostering a community for friends, families, and service members. The Coast Guard Family and Friends page will help you connect with others during boot camp, and beyond. Join the page and begin connecting with the rest of the Coast Guard family, welcome to the Coast Guard.

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