5 remote jobs for military spouses you may not have thought of

In the early days of my years as a military wife, there were a few …


In the early days of my years as a military wife, there were a few select jobs most military spouses had: teacher, nurse (or any kind of medical professional), graphic designer, or Mary Kay/Stella and Dot/Lularoe sales consultant. Of course, there were others (many wives I knew worked as contractors on base, for example). But generally, the only way to be a remote worker in a corporate job was to start out in person and then switch to a remote role when your spouse got relocated.

However, as technology has improved, certain world events have caused a surge in the availability of remote work, there are more opportunities than ever for military spouses. Here are some you may never have thought of:

Curriculum developer


A curriculum designer works creates education programs for schools, offices, universities, and other organizations. As a curriculum designer, you may write educational texts, design courses or produce supplemental web-based content. Typically, employers look for a degree in education and sometimes a mastery of a particular subject area. This could be a great role for spouses in the teaching field who are looking for something different.


If you’re fluent in another language, you might want to look into translating opportunities. Gengo, Rev, and Unbabel all hire freelance translators. You could also contact publishing companies that might be looking for translators for their books. This is a great option for military spouses who have lived abroad and learned a foreign language. Duolingo is also always looking for translators and proofreaders who speak different languages.

Virtual Juror

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Virtual jurors sit on mock juries and help lawyers refine their arguments. This is a totally unique job that could prove endlessly interesting, especially for those interested in the law, or just addicted to Investigation Discovery. Go to eJury or JuryTest.

Internet Researcher

Yes, there are people who will pay you to surf the internet for them. Internet researcher is a real job, and it’s never boring because you are constantly working on new projects. In this job, you perform research for various individuals (like authors), companies, and businesses. Some sites that hire freelance researchers are Wonder and Fancy Hands. You could also reach out to companies that interest you and ask if they are looking for researchers. I know from firsthand experience in the corporate world that freelance researchers are often needed by rarely advertised for.

Personal stylist

(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Erick Requadt)

Thanks to the rise in online fashion and curated clothing subscription boxes, remote stylist jobs are more available than ever. Stitchfix, for example, has a number of remote roles. ThredUp does as well.

Other popular remote jobs include copywriting, ESL tutor, social media manager, illustrator, or wellness coach. Here is an expansive list of remote job sites.

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