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TEAMS: Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses

The Department of Labor, Veterans’ Employment and Training Service recently launched TEAMS, which stands for …


The Department of Labor, Veterans’ Employment and Training Service recently launched TEAMS, which stands for Transition Employment Assistance for Military Spouses.

What are they doing for military spouses?

Hundreds of military spouses were surveyed, and the results were analyzed and compared. Ultimately, a common theme began to develop: Military spouses would benefit from transition and employment training similar in execution to the separation training service members go through. The DOL’s Veteran Employment and Training Service created a spouse-specific curriculum that focuses on the challenges of being a military spouse throughout all stages of employment. The curriculum includes workshops like Career Credentials, Marketing Me, Your Next Move, and Resume Essentials—each of these range from two to four hours of useful lessons and information.

These workshops are offered both in-person and online. The in-person courses are capped at 30 people. They recommend taking the initial four courses, but you are allowed to take all courses or just one — it’s up to you.

Employment Military Spouse
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Initial courses offered

  • Your Next Move for Military Spouses
  • Career Credentials for Military Spouses
  • Mastering Resume Essentials for Military Spouses
  • Marketing Me: A Job Search Approach for Military Spouses

TEAMS’ pilot classes took place in October of 2020, and feedback from these courses will be used to make them available to the military spouse community as a whole in 2021. Each of the modules listed above is available multiple times throughout the week, allowing everyone in each time zone a chance to join.

“The courses are stand-alone modules developed to provide specific information in a condensed manner, the TEAMS website reads. 

“You can take all of the courses or only one. We recommend the initial four courses be taken in the order listed here. However, the information is valuable in whatever order you select.”

To see events hosted by TEAMS, visit this website.

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This article was originally published 11/19/2020

Feature image: Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

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