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Why a Military Dad is the Best Valentine

Frenchy said it best with “The only man a girl can depend on is her …

army dad with daughter

Frenchy said it best with “The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy”. Though a little bit different than Grease, here’s why your military dad is the best Valentine.

He’ll never break your heart

No matter how many sisters you have, you are all the most important women in his life and the last thing your dad wants to see is you hurt! Especially when it comes to a heart break.

No matter how many deployments or super secret missions he’s been on, every dad is a real softy at heart, especially when it comes to his girls. Plus if a boy breaks your heart, there’s a good chance your dad is willing to break him!

marine dad with daughters

Why a Military Dad is the Best Valentine

He already knows your favorite flower

Years of Valentine’s and drawings of flowers, of course he knows your favorite bouquet!

He also knows if you prefer silver or gold, white, milk, or dark chocolate, and what your favorite restaurant is. And, if he forgets, he can always ask your mom or sister! Because military brats aren’t actual brats, rare occasions like Valentine’s Day give your dad an opportunity to spoil you a little. It doesn’t have to be some crazy expensive necklace or handbag either, maybe a $5 bracelet from Forever21 or your favorite candy.

It’s just as special as of a day for him

Sometimes it’s hard to remember, especially when they are gone, that they miss you just as much as you miss them. So even though holidays without our heroes aren’t unusual, when he is home for a holiday, your dad wants to take full advantage of the special occasion. He wants to be home for Christmases and birthdays too, so Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to spend that special time together

A dozen roses are half off at the exchange

You don’t need to spend your entire G.I. bill on a wonderful valentine’s day either! One year, my dad got me a fresh pack of #2 pencils, 6 roses ($4 at the Exchange/Commissary) and a bag of gummy worms. Needless to say, I felt like the Queen of Sheba!

He’s happy that HE is your valentine and not some other boy

In your dad’s eyes, no boy will ever be good enough for you. Can you imagine how happy he is that you’d rather spend Valentine’s Day with him? Over the moon! Plus, no matter what you and your dad do on this special day, no boy can top whatever your dad has planned, even if it’s just watching “Band of Brothers” and eating hot wings.

No matter the distance, he’ll always be your Valentine

I’ve learned that this statement really is true. My Grandpa is still my mom’s Valentine, especially since he was an engineer in the Army. The connection between a military man and his daughter is one that cannot be fully understood by those around us.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “Daddy’s Princess”, I’ve never once doubted that my mom, sisters and I have always been the most important women in my dad’s life.

coast guard dad with family

What’s your favorite Valentine’s memory with your dad?

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