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When Will My Sandboxx Letter Arrive?

Wondering when your Sandboxx Letters will arrive at the base you’ve sent them to? Staying …


Wondering when your Sandboxx Letters will arrive at the base you’ve sent them to?

Staying connected to your recruit in training should be effortless. Sandboxx makes supporting your recruit easier than ever before and gives you the ability to track your Letter all the way to base.

Below we will cover all you need to know about Sandboxx Tracking and how long it takes for your Sandboxx Letter to arrive.

I just submitted my Letter, what happens next?

Our Sandboxx fulfillment team goes to print at 4:30 PM EST every weekday, Monday through Friday.

It’s important that you submit your Letter before 4:30 PM EST in order to process, print, pack and ship your Letter the same day.

Sandboxx Letter Delivery Statuses

Once you hit “send” you’ll be able to track the status of your Letter all the way to delivery. Here are the statuses that your Letter will go through.


Your Letter has been queued for printing, this is what begins right when you submit your Letter until our next print. Be sure to submit it before 4:30 PM EST – that’s when we go to final print!


Your Letter is about to be sent. Your letter is printed on high quality, premium Mohawk™ paper, packaged into an iconic air-mail designed envelope and and will ship soon.


Your Letter is on its way to your recipient. We ship your letter overnight to most training bases in the U.S.

You can track the shipment of your Letter by tapping on “Track” from your Letters dashboard until it is delivered on base.

Other Letter Statuses

*On Hold 

There is an “On hold” status that only occurs if the Letter address has been flagged by our sorting algorithm as questionable for delivery.

Your Letter has an issue preventing it from being sent. Our fulfillment team will work to correct the invalid address and get it back into the printing queue. Letters remain in this status until the address is deliverable.

Delivery Exception

This simply means that the mailroom recipient was either:

  1. Not available and therefore could not receive the mail.
  2. The delivery could not be delivered for another reason, such as no access to the base. 

Don’t be alarmed! Our shipping vendor will re-attempt the delivery at the next possible opening.

How long does it take for my Sandboxx Letters to arrive?

sandboxx letter arrive

Sandboxx Letters sent Monday through Thursday before 4:30pm EST will be delivered the next day.

Letters sent Friday before 4:30pm EST will be delivered on Monday.

All Letters sent Friday after 4:30pm EST (to include letters written on Saturday/Sunday) will be delivered on Tuesday.

Where does Sandboxx ship overnight?

Sandboxx ships overnight to the following bases:

Army Bases:

  • Fort Moore
  • Fort Jackson
  • Fort Leonard Wood
  • Fort Sill

Marine Corps Bases:

  • MCRD Parris Island
  • MCRD San Diego
  • MCB Quantico
  • Camp Pendleton

Navy Bases:

  • Recruit Training Command Great Lakes

Air Force Bases:

  • JBSA Lackland

Coast Guard Bases:

  • Coast Guard Training Center Cape May

Bases not listed above are sent via regular mail.

When will my recipient read or receive my Letter?

sandboxx letter arrive

Mail call varies by military branch and base.

However, generally, the day you see your mail delivered is when they will receive that mail. Specifically that evening (barring any training days) at chow-time, which is around 5 PM local. This can vary, so anytime between chow-time and lights out is when they will receive mail.

Additional Questions

You can view more of our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Customer Happiness team at

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