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SlaySession #15 – Therapeutic Thursday

SlaySession #15: Find Therapy in the Weight Room...
military workout therapy through sweat

Yea right… it’s therapeutic to me knowing how much it hurts, and that’s it. Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Mountain Climbers– 20-4 count reps (Twice)
Frog Jumps
– 15 yds there and back (Three Times)
–  15 4 count (Three Times)
Arm Circles– 20 four count (Three Times)


Mountain Climber Burpees – 20 Total (Three times)

100 meter sprints – First sprint at 75%, then all the rest full out 100%. Do 10 of them.

Push-up Suicides – 5 yard suicides to the 30 and back with a 5 push-ups at each line (Twice)

30 lb shoulder press- Find an ammo can and fill it with dirt. Then lift it over your head 20 times. Do it 3 times.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)
Start with a 100 M sprint into 20 mountain climber burpees, then do 20 more shoulder presses with the ammo can or equivalent.

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