Make your military recruit smile: What to add to your letters

Even when your military recruit is away from home, you want to make sure they’re …


Even when your military recruit is away from home, you want to make sure they’re happy, but that can be hard when you aren’t there with them. Motivation is so important at basic training and a big part of your job is to make sure to keep their morale up while they are working so hard. Smiling can help fight off stress, so let’s put a smile on your military recruit’s face!

Here are 7 things you can add to your letters that will make your military recruit smile.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not send one? Show your recruit what they are missing to help them feel closer to home. Photos of pets, family, friends, plants, anything that they cared about will put a smile on their face. You can attach a photo to every Sandboxx Letter, which will be printed on a full page of premium paper. 


It can get lonely at basic training, so give them a peek into the outside world with a newsletter about national events. You can put together your own and cover important highlights from the past week that they would be interested in. The Sandboxx News team curates newsletters that you can send directly to your recruit. The Dispatch has two versions, On Duty and Off Duty, depending on what your recruit is interested in. The Scoreboard keeps sports fans up to date on their team’s scores. 


Get ready to break out the paint or ink pad for this craft. A great way to make them feel closer to home is to send your handprint and even their pet’s paw print. Seeing the prints can help them feel a little less lonely.

Gift Card

Sending your recruit an Exchange gift card is one of the easiest ways to give your recruit exactly what they want. With an Exchange gift card they can buy the essentials they need from the Military Exchange on base. This will definitely get them to smile. 

Song Lyrics

For the music lovers out there, they are going to miss listening to their favorite artist or band while at basic training. Send the lyrics to their favorite song so they can sing along to it in their head. Not only will this put a smile on their face, but it might make their time at basic training a little more enjoyable.

Motivational messages

Messages that can keep them going can be so helpful on the toughest days. Sending words of motivation, whether it’s quotes or verses, are an easy way to add something fun to your letters to your military recruit. Sandboxx offers Daily Motivation that you can add on to your letter to ensure they don’t miss a day.


Your military recruit wants to talk to you, so make it easy for them to send you a letter back. Including a pack of stamps in your letter can make their life easier and make it easier for them to reply back.

A smile can make the hard days not so bad. Add some of these items to your letter to give your recruit some relief during this tough time. 

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Jeremiah Runser