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Senior Year: Life as a Military Brat

She is a track star, who is known for exceptional soccer skills and a nutty …

Marine Infantry Unit Leader MOS

She is a track star, who is known for exceptional soccer skills and a nutty sense of humor. There is a calm strength about her, that is effortlessly beautiful from the inside out. Honor roll student that just discovered that she has earned an early graduation if she so pleases.

Junior year was successful. A different city for each year of her high school career, senior year on the opposite coast. A brand new state, a brand new culture. A brand new life at what should be the end of a mile marker. What now? I seem to be more worried than she is. This seems to be more complex then she bargained for.

She has faith in our madness. She has faith in our unconventional methods. She seems to have enjoyed this little life on wheels. So much of what we have done has been a free fall. I wonder if this would be a revelation to her. 100% of this was experimental, with very little room for traditional routines, yet somehow she thrived. Accomplishing amazing things, and collecting a most darling array of memories along the way.

I am so proud of her. So much so that I could very possibly burst. This is not the easiest road. In my opinion she has earned a Doctorate in ‘Juggling life while State to State hopping’.

They call them ‘Military Brats’. I call them ‘Better than most’. Oh no, I am not in the least bit bias. I was in high school a few lifetimes ago;  College Trig, Calc and more than a handful of AP classes is a feat for any average ‘well rooted’,’attended one high school student’. I call them ‘Better than most’,- and come to think of it, I am a whole lot bias for these kids,- and proud of it!

Aliyah Meehan

The editorial team at Sandboxx.