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Labor of Love – SlaySession #12

SlaySession #12: Too Much Happiness Means the Workouts Need to be Harder...
military workout work hard or don't show up

So… I had a 3% thumbs down to 97% thumbs up for my last workout. That tells me I need to make it harder… Game On! Sweat is the fuel of life… Always be willing to grow!


Sun Gods – 20 four count to the side palms down, 20 to the front palms up, 20 to the sky palms in ( Twice)
Side Straddle Hops
– 25 four count (Four Times)
Stationary Squats
– 30 (Twice)
Butt Kicks – 50 yards (Twice)
Inch Worms – 20 yards (Twice)


100 yd Sprints – 10 of them with a 30 sec break between each one

Star Jump Burpees – 15 four count Burpees with a Star Jumper at the top (Three Times)

Full Extension Bicycle Crunch – 20 reps (Five Times)

8 Count Body Builders –  15 reps (4 Times)

1/4 Mile Sprints- Start the first lap at 70%. Increase your speed by roughly 5% every lap until your last 1/4 mile is at 100%. Take a 2 min break between each lap

Not Done Yet Pull-Ups –  3 max sets

Donnie’s Death March –  Walking lunges the length of a football field with a 30 pound kettle bell or weight above your head (be careful not to drop it)  (5 Times with a 45 sec break between)

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

No need for a special add-on this week, because if you can do this and have energy left you either cheated or are on my level. Either way you’re done.

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