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Meet Annie Richardson! She has worked for Sandboxx since October 2020 as a Customer Happiness …

Annie Richardson holding her child on a sunny day

Meet Annie Richardson! She has worked for Sandboxx since October 2020 as a Customer Happiness Associate. She is a mom, milspouse and dedicated to helping Sandboxx customers. Learn more about Annie’s experience using Sandboxx and what led her to join Sandboxx.

Annie R. with her family

What first attracted you to work at Sandboxx?

I was an avid Sandboxx user when my husband attended boot camp at Parris Island in the spring of 2019. I wrote to him every day and LOVED the convenience of sending a letter from my phone while knowing his base would receive it the next day! When I saw that Sandboxx was hiring for a remote Customer Happiness Associate, it sounded right up my alley. It has truly been a full-circle experience. 

What is something unique about your team?

All Customer Happiness Associates work remotely from different parts of the country (one of us is even located in Guam), yet we have this incredible dynamic like we have worked together for years in person. I am honored to work alongside these driven, kind and inspiring women. 

What is something you’re proud of that you’ve achieved at Sandboxx?

Being able to support military spouses and families that are going through the experience of sending their loved one to boot camp/basic training is incredible. When my husband enlisted in the Marine Corps, everything was so new and scary to me, neither of us came from military families. So, being able to be that friendly and helpful person on the other end of a chat or email makes me very proud. 

As a milspouse, what does Sandboxx’s mission of connecting our military community mean to you?

It means everything! As a milspouse, it can be so difficult to find meaningful employment that can move with you wherever you are stationed. Sandboxx not only preaches connecting our military community, but truly embodies it with their own employees. 

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