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Inside the Boxx – Janelle Q.

Name: Janelle QuigleyLocation: GuamTitle: Customer Happiness AssociateBranch Affiliation: Coast Guard spousePark Ranger? Check.Dental Assistant? Check.Financial Advisor? Check. You name it, Sandboxx’s Janelle Quigley has most...

Name: Janelle Quigley
Location: Guam
Title: Customer Happiness Associate
Branch Affiliation: Coast Guard spouse
Park Ranger? Check.
Dental Assistant? Check.
Financial Advisor? Check.

You name it, Sandboxx’s Janelle Quigley has most likely done it! As a tenured military spouse,
she has adapted and found new roles at each duty station. Her favorite part of working for

“We live so far way on the other side of the world. Sandboxx has helped me stay
connected to the military and Coast Guard community. It was the first opportunity in 21 years that has allowed me to take my career with me, which is a huge deal for military spouses!”

Below, Janelle shares insights on military life and advice for new spouses and parents of

How long have you been with Sandboxx?
Janelle Quigley

3.5 years. I started in January 2018.

What do you do at Sandboxx?

I started as a Coast Guard Specialist and would go up to The USO at the Philadelphia Airport
every week on Tuesdays to do presentations and talk to recruits about Sandboxx. I have also
been an agent on the Travel team and have been on the Customer Happiness team since early

What is your spouse’s rate (job)?

He was enlisted for 18 years as a Machinery Technician and he is currently an Engineering
Warrant Officer.

How long is your spouse planning on staying in the military?

Right now, we are planning for 26 or 28 years which translates to two more tours after Guam.

What bit of advice would you give new spouses?

Remain open-minded and fluid. Everywhere you go is somewhere new and unexpected. Be
open to new adventures and giving the new place a fair chance. This will make or break a duty

What has been your favorite part of living the military life?

I love the phone calls of finding out we are going somewhere new. Knowing we are going to
experience new things in a different part of the country has been my absolute favorite.

How does being a Coast Guard Military Spouse differ from other branches?

We tend to move more. Because the Coast Guard is so small, you don’t ever go to the next
station without knowing someone there. Everywhere you go, you know people one way or
another. The Coast Guard has less than 40,000 active duty service members and it ends up
providing a really great support network.

What is one of the most memorable opportunities you’ve had in Guam?
Janelle Quigley

Guam has provided us with more amazing opportunities than we ever thought possible. One
of my favorite things we’ve gotten to do here is to participate in Operation Christmas Drop. We
got to decorate and fill a box with food and gifts that was then dropped on a neighboring island. It
is truly something else to get to see what the organization does to help the surrounding islands
each year. The sense of community here is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

Favorite memory from your time as a mil spouse?

Every place we have gone has blown our expectations out of the water. Every place has
become home. Every time we move, the job is new, the place is new. Honestly, what sticks out
in my mind was David’s first duty station in Fort Meyers, Florida. His command was so strong
and he had so much support, after 18 months there, he knew he wanted to make the Coast
Guard a career. It’s been 21 years and we are still a military family.

Advice for parents/spouses of Coastie’s at Cape May?

When the recruits are at boot camp, my best advice is to be patient and don’t put pressure on
them to write home. Coast Guard boot camp is extremely intense. Send your letters with
encouragement and not with any expectation of receiving a letter back. I believe the same
thing applies once they are out of boot camp and in the fleet. When they are deployed and
underway, they can’t communicate a lot, so be patient. Be up for the adventure with them.
Visit them everywhere they live because they are stationed at the most awesome places on the

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