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The ultimate guide to gifts for Soldiers this holiday season

The gift-giving season is upon us. With the popularity of online retail, purchasing gifts for …


The gift-giving season is upon us. With the popularity of online retail, purchasing gifts for others has never been so easy. Although shopping may be easier, knowing what to get the Soldier in your life may not. Whether your Soldier is good at sharing gift ideas with you or not, we’ve put together a list of gifts that will not disappoint. Here’s our ultimate guide to gifts for Soldiers.

Warrior Flask

Whether your loved one is a newly graduated Soldier, or has been in for a while, hydration is key to maintain optimal health. Make it easier for them to want to stay hydrated with a nice water bottle, one present they will definitely use and not return. 

Warrior Flasks are not only durable water bottles, but they also serve an even bigger cause – when a flask is purchased they donate one to the military. Your gift will benefit your Soldier as well as an additional service member!

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Silicon Rings

Silicone rings a great alternative to the traditional wedding rings, but they also give you the ability to change up rings when you feel like it, for an affordable price. There are also a few companies that make military-inspired silicone rings, perfect for your service member.

Enso Rings

Qalo Rings

Groove Rings

Recon Rings (Veteran Owned)

Black Rifle Coffee

As the saying goes – our military runs on coffee, and what better coffee to give than a veteran-owned small-batch, roast to order coffee company. Black Rifle Coffee offers a variety of different roasts to bring life to your Soldier. You can either purchase one or more batches of coffee for your Soldier or purchase them a coffee club membership so that they can receive caffeine all year long.


Like we’ve mentioned before, multitools make a great basic training graduation gift, but they also make a great gift in general. Multitools are a great practical gift for any service member who at any given time may need to use a screwdriver, scissors, pliers, etc. The most commonly used multitool in the military will be a Leatherman, however, any multitool will get the job done.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

There is nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone. Having a portable cell phone charger is great for those long days out on the range or on the road. Here are some of the best portable chargers on the market right now.

Portable Solar Charger

For times that your Soldier is out in the field for multiple days, a portable charger might not be enough. Solar chargers making charging your phone a breeze, as long as there are some sun rays. Here are some good solar chargers to choose from.

Pair Of Socks

A good pair of socks is essential for keeping your Soldier’s feet in optimal condition. Give the gift their feet are sure to enjoy. Below are our recommendations for tactical socks perfect for your service member.

Fox River

Farm To Feet Socks

Darn Tough

Tactical Flashlight

A great practical gift for your Soldier is a tactical flashlight. Whether your Soldier needs a light while on the job or just for leisure activities a tactical light is a great gift to add to their everyday toolbelt. Here are some of the best tactical flashlights on the market.

Hiking Gift Basket

Your loved one will spend a lot of time hiking and going on ruck marches. Putting together a gift basket with all the hiking essentials is sure to be a great gift for your Soldier. Some things you might want to include in the gift basket are:

  • Hydration Essentials (salt sticks and nuun tablets)
  • Chapstick for drier climates (checkout Duke Cannon)
  • Hand & Boot Warmers for the colder season
  • Foot Powder to help keep their feet from blistering
  • gift card for new combat boots

Bluetooth headphones

Perfect for hitting the gym or listening to a movie on their computer in the barracks, Bluetooth headphones are a great gift for Soldiers. With a variety of different types of headphones out there, you might want to ask your Soldier if they have a preference for a certain style or pair. Otherwise here is a list of the 16 Best Wireless Headphones.

A Personalized Army Prayer Journal

If your Soldier is religious a personalized Army prayer journal is a great gift to help them keep track of their bible study, sermon notes, and prayers.

Playing Cards

Your Soldier will maintain a busy schedule throughout their career in the Army, but there will be plenty of downtime as well. Whether they’re in the field for training or hanging out in the barracks getting them a set of playing cards will ensure they always have something to keep them busy.

Consider purchasing the BICYCLE Frontline Leaders Collector’s Deck, a deck of cards featuring 52 Businesses & Charities launched by the Military Community. A portion of the proceeds from these cards is donated to amongst the 22 charities featured on this Collectible Deck.

Or get them the BICYCLE Tactical Field cards deck, a set of camouflage cards.

Tote Bag/Backpack/Toiletry Bag

Sword and Plough is a veteran-owned business, founded by an Army Officer and her sister, that makes one of a kind bags and accessories out of repurposed military surplus and durable military-grade materials.

With items for males and females, you’re sure to find something your Soldier will be able to get a lot of use out of as well as enjoy using the repurposed military surplus in a unique way.

An added bonus, every purchase made helps Sword and Plough empower veteran employment and reduce waste. In addition, they donate 10% of profits to impactful veteran initiatives.

Self Care Items

At the end of the day, all Soldiers really need are the daily essentials; soap, deodorant, lotion, face/body scrubs, etc.

Instead of getting them the traditional brands they might get on their own, splurge on some items from this Army Veteran-Owned Bussiness, Doc Spartan.

With items for males and females, you’re bound to find a gift perfect for self care.

Still need more help coming up with the perfect gift for your Soldier? Here are some additional military gift ideas.

What gifts have you gotten your Soldier in the past that they enjoyed receiving – let us know in the comments below!

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