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Don’s SlaySession #5- Sunday Funday

SlaySession #5: There's no such thing as a day of rest....
baby crying that the gym isn't open

Don here, I wanted to give you something to remember this Sunday. You wanted workouts to get you ready to ship, well here it is. Slay on friends, Slay on!!!!


Side Straddle Hops– 15 four count (Twice)
Cross Over Lunge
– 25 yards (Twice)
Build Up Sprints– 30 yd sprints. First sprint 50%, Second 75%, Third 100%
Carioca- 20 yds (Twice)


1/2 Mile at 65%- 90 sec break (Twice)

30 lb (Ammo Can or Kettle Bell) Shoulder Press- Max Set in 60 secs (Twice)

1/4 Mile at 80%- 45 sec break (Twice)

Buddy Drag- 25 yds 30 sec break (Twice)

100 yd Sprint 100%- 20 sec break (Twice)

Burpee Pull-Up- 2 to 1 set. 2 pull-ups 1 burpee. Your goal is to reach failure.

Don’s special add-on: (Note: only if able to)

Give yourself 5 mins rest before attempting this. Grab whatever you used as the 30 lb weight and put it above your head while doing lunges for 100 yds. Do this twice.

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