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Air Force Gifts Perfect For Your Airman This Holiday Season

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate graduation gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift – shopping …

The F-35A Lightning II Demonstration Team is depicted flying Santa's sleigh over Luke Air Force Base, Ariz. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Jensen Stidham)

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate graduation gift, birthday gift, or holiday gift – shopping for your Airman isn’t always easy. To help you find the best ideas for gifts this season we asked current Airmen what would make a great gift. Here’s our list of Air Force Gifts:

Gaming Device

If you are gifting a TV or if they already have one, a gaming console would pique the interest of a lot of Airmen. Especially the more junior Airmen who spend more time on base and in the barracks, having the luxury to play their favorite video games would make for a nice past time while they are not working. 

Some popular gaming devices include; Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

Airman’s Bible

If your Airman is religious than the Airman’s Bible is the perfect gift for them. This bible is specifically designed for those who are in the Air Force and contains passages of prayer & comfort that are military-inspired.

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Playing Cards

Your Airman will maintain a busy schedule throughout their career in the Air Force, but there will be plenty of downtime as well. Whether they’re in the field for training or hanging out in the barracks getting them a set of playing cards will ensure they always have something to keep them busy.

Consider purchasing the BICYCLE Frontline Leaders Collector’s Deck, a deck of cards featuring 52 Businesses & Charities launched by the Military Community. A portion of the proceeds from these cards is donated to amongst the 22 charities featured on this Collectible Deck.

Or get them the BICYCLE Tactical Field cards deck, a set of camouflage cards.

A Good Book

If your Airman is intrigued by how things work and have been known to take things apart and put them back together then this is the book for them. Cut in Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects is a photographic exploration of everyday items that have been cut in half.

Another great book for your Airman is Ghost Fleet, a science-fiction novel about the future of technology and how it could play a major part in wars to come.

A Coffee Rambler

We know you’ve heard the joke that the military runs on coffee, but it really is no joke. Early mornings paired with long nights make coffee a very real part of any service member’s diet.

Here are a few of our recommendations for a coffee tumbler that is as tough as your service member.


Black Rifle Coffee

Hydro Flask


A Tablet

If your Airman doesn’t need a laptop but wants to be able to stream movies, browse the internet, and read e-books then a tablet will make the ultimate gift.

Tablets are great for Airman during their downtime. They are also easy to travel with so that they can take their entertainment with them everywhere they go. Here are some of the top tablets currently on the market.

AAFES Gift Card

Although it may not seem like the greatest of gifts, your service member will need to purchase a lot of items from the Exchange throughout their career. The small odds and ends items they need can really add up.  The Exchange gift card is not only an easy to purchase gift, but also a very practical and much-appreciated gift. Exchange gift cards can also be used to purchase personal items. You will never go wrong with an Exchange Gift Card.

AFFES Gift Card (Air Force and Army)

Self Care Items

Instead of getting your Airman the traditional toiletry brands they might get on their own, splurge on some items from this Veteran-Owned Bussiness, Doc Spartan.

With items for males and females, you’re bound to find a gift perfect for self care.

Still need more help coming up with the perfect gift for your Airman? Here are some additional military gift ideas.

What gifts have you gotten your Airman in the past that they enjoyed receiving – let us know in the comments below!

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