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Video: Did Ukraine destroy a 5th-generation Russian fighter?

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Su-57 Ukraine video

On June 7, the Ukrainian military likely struck one of the biggest blows of the war. A kamikaze drone attacked a Russian airfield hundreds of miles behind the frontlines and likely destroyed a Su-57 Felon aircraft, Russia’s most advanced fighter jet.

“So, it looks as though Russia has just secured the dubious honor of being the first nation in history to lose a 5th generation fighter jet in combat. And they managed to do it without the jet even being airborne,” Alex Hollings, Sandboxx New’s Editor-in-Chief and host of Airpower on YouTube, said.

The Ukrainian attack took place approximately 370 miles inside Russian territory. Satellite imagery shows clear damage on a Su-57 Felon parked next to the runway and not in a reinforced hangar.

The reported loss of the Su-57 Felon is a major blow to the prestige of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The Kremlin has been touting the abilities of the aircraft, comparing it to America’s F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets. But in reality, the Russian aircraft is much less capable.

The Russian Aerospace Forces claim that the Su-57 Felon is a multirole 5th generation fighter jet with stealth capabilities. As many things coming out of Russia lately, that claim is specious. In terms of capabilities and technology, the aircraft is likely more akin to the 4.5th generation F-15EX Eagle II fighter jet flown by the U.S. Air Force rather than the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jet.

In addition, the Russian Aerospace Forces can only field a very small number of Su-57 Felon aircraft. Indeed, such was the Kremlin’s rush to put the aircraft out there and declare a “5th generation stealth capability” that the Russian military operationalized the first batch of prototype aircraft.

These prototype aircraft are likely to be used in an attempt to salvage anything that can be from the damaged Su-57 Felon.

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