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9 must-read military news headlines you won’t want to miss

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If you’re too distracted by COVID-19 news coverage, you may be missing out on top military news that’s a lot less depressing.

This week, we’ve rounded up news coverage from the Marines, Coast Guard, Army, and Navy to keep you in the know when it comes to American Military News. This week’s headline news covers everything from the upcoming virtual milspouse symposium to the Coast Guard saving four boaters.

Ready for the latest headlines?

Here’s a roundup of the top military news headlines from this week:

1. President Trump to Speak at West Point Graduation in June 

west point graduation
(U.S. Army photo by Brandon O’Connor)

On June 13, President Trump will be the featured commencement speaker for the U.S. Military Academy’s Class of 2020 graduation ceremony. The visit will be his first as a graduation speaker, according to a recent West Point Public Affairs press release. The size of the ceremony is yet to be determined but will be based on safety guidelines after a thorough analysis. 

2. Coast Guard Rescues Four in Tampa Bay 

capsized boat in tampa bay
Courtesy photo of Station St. Petersburg

On Wednesday, April 22, the Coast Guard and a nearby good Samaritan rescued four boaters from an overturned watercraft in Tampa Bay. A nearby boater saw the 16-foot boat capsized and picked up the individuals before the Coast Guard’s 45-foot response boat arrived to assist. All four boaters made it out with no major medical injuries, according to a U.S. Coast Guard 7th District PA Detachment Tampa Bay news release.

3. Navy Extends Stop Movement Order, Travel Restrictions

Boatswain's Mate in action
(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Raymond Maddocks/Released)

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Department of Defense (DoD)’s ongoing travel restrictions and Stop Movement orders have been extended. Unless changed earlier, this means all PCS moves and non-essential travel orders are on hold until June 30. Recruiting and training efforts are still a priority, though. Basic training, along with advanced training, and first duty station moves will continue, according to an April 21 Navy press release.

4. DoD to Host Annual Virtual Military Spouse Symposium

spouse summit
(U.S. Air Force graphic by Senior Airman Sydney Campbell)

On April 29-30, 2020, the Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program will host its annual Virtual Military Spouse Symposium. The event helps military spouses sharpen their professional skills and focus on employment goals. During the symposium, military spouses will get guidance on how to do federal job searches, how to navigate career change, and learn networking skills. Register here for the free event.  

5. The Army Reserve Celebrates 112th Birthday

Army reserve military news headline
Sandboxx image

On April 23, the Army Reserve celebrated its 112th birthday. Back in 1908, it was known as the Medical Reserve Corps. Now, today’s U.S. Army Reserve is a global operational reserve force that supports America’s active-duty Army. Learn more here about the history and manpower behind today’s Army Reserve. 

6. Marines to Receive 25% Lighter Protective Vest 

marine in vest
(Photo by Monique Randolph of Marine Corps Systems Command)

A next-generation protective vest is up-and-coming. The new vest is geared to improve the form, fit, and function for Marines to carry out missions. According to a Marine Corps Systems Command news release, the “Plate Carrier Generation III is a lightweight plate carrying system that guards against bullets and fragmentation when coupled with protective plates.” The new system will be 25% lighter and fit a multitude of body types much better than the current legacy gear. Infantry and infantry-like Marines should receive the equipment first. A full rollout is expected by the fiscal year 2023.

7. Special Duty Pay Available to Sailors Who Extend Contract

navy sailor in office
(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Chad Swysgood/Released)

The Navy recently added 23 new ratings/paygrades to the list of those eligible for Sea Duty Incentive Pay (SDIP) if they return to sea early or extend their current sea tour. The decision was made to ensure the Navy is fully operational at sea-going commands during the COVID-19 crisis, according to an April 22 Navy press release. Depending on rates, classification codes, and ratings, the special pay can reach up to $1,000 per month. If interested, Sailors should touch base with their detailers and apply 14-16 months prior to their projected rotation date or at the end of their sea date to be eligible.

8. National Guard Helps NYC in COVID-19 Pandemic

ARMY GUARD: military news headlines
(U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Amouris Coss)

New York National Guard members are handling multiple missions in New York City around the clock due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Because local hospitals in the city of 8.5 million are overwhelmed, the National Guard activated 3,600 individuals to help with drive-through testing sites, packaging and delivering meals, moving supplies, and hand sanitizer distribution, according to a New York National Guard news release.

9. Marine Corps Stops PFTs

military news: marine corps suspends PFT screenshot
Sandboxx image
On April 21, the Marine Corps announced this period’s semi-annual PFT requirement is canceled in accordance with COVID-19 prevention guidelines. The PFT has three timed events — dead hang pull-ups, crunches, and a three-mile run. Due to the crunches using a fellow Marine spotter, it’s impossible to maintain social distancing recommendations. Learn more about the suspension here.

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