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Ways to celebrate the Month of the Military Child

Every April is the Month of the Military Child. This month is set aside to …


Every April is the Month of the Military Child. This month is set aside to honor kids who are a part of military families. They have shown resilience and strength in the face of challenges, and show tremendous determination and positivity throughout. Here are some ways you can participate in celebrating these military children.

military child
Photo by Airman 1st Class Luke Nowakowski

Military Child Events

Military OneSource provides ways for you to join in celebrating military kids They host virtual events with speakers such as best-selling children’s book authors, pediatricians, clinical social workers, and national military youths of the year.

April 15th is Purple Up! For Military Kids– so be sure to throw on your favorite purple shirt to show your support and thank them for their strength and sacrifices. Military OneSource also offers an appreciation kit to military children and their families. You can order your own, or share it with a friend. This kit includes items such as a picture frame, reusable face mask, Military kids passport, and much more.

Additional Resources

Military OneSource has a spotlight page where you can read stories about Military Child month, find resources tailored to you, browse photos and videos, and more. You can also read the proclamation and hear from President Biden on the national commitment to support and engage our military families.

American Bible Society offers free Bible gifts to your child. They launched Hero Squad which sends gift boxes to these kids quarterly. You can enroll your child, or donate to fund their mission.

College isn’t cheap–but military children are eligible to apply to numerous scholarships. It’s always a good time to start planning for college funding, so be sure to look at these options for your child.

Celebrate in the way that honors your military child the best. Whether this be a fun day your child plans, a dinner at their favorite restaurant, or a spontaneous photoshoot in their favorite costume. There are endless ways to show your support!

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