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United States Navy: By the Numbers

The U.S. Navy is the most powerful naval force in the world. The U.S. may …


The U.S. Navy is the most powerful naval force in the world. The U.S. may not have the most ships, but it does have more of a global presence than most other naval fleets.  

Fun Navy history fact: The U.S. Navy is older than the United States. George Washington established the Navy to protect the colonies from the British. The U.S. Navy was also decommissioned after the Revolutionary War before being reinstated in 1794.

So, just how many ships and Navy personnel are there?

Here’s a look at the Navy’s impressive numbers:

Manning Numbers

While the U.S. Navy warships are incredible to watch, it’s the manpower that operates the fleet that’s truly awe-inspiring. With thousands of Sailors and civilians working around the clock, the U.S. Navy wouldn’t be where it is today without their 24/7 efforts.


Active Duty Personnel








Ready Reserve


Navy Department Civilian Employees


Navy Ranks (Enlisted and Officer)


Number of crew for a Carrier Strike Group

Naval Fleet Numbers

Even with its already large fleet, the Department of Defense wants to increase the size of its naval fleet over a 30-year period. The current fleet includes a variety of vessels like aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, cruisers, littoral combat ships, destroyers, and, of course, submarines.  


Deployable Battle Force Ships


Operational aircraft


Major types of submarines


Nuclear-powered fleet carriers

~ 80

Fixed wing and rotary aircraft per carrier


Amphibious assault ships

Random Navy Facts

There’s nothing more interesting than random facts that make your jaw drop. Here are a few of our favorite random U.S. Navy facts that will blow your mind.


The ideal number of ships for the U.S. Navy


Number of meals served each day aboard the USS Nimitz

Over 1 million

Pounds of mail processed per year aboard the USS Nimitz

$1 billion

The cost of building a single Navy cruiser


The length (in feet) of an attack submarine


Uniforms of the United States Navy (each with several variations)

  • Dress uniforms
  • Daily service uniforms
  • Working uniforms
  • Uniforms for special occasions

Navy History Facts

Created by Congress at the urging of General George Washington, the Navy developed quickly during wartime in the 1700s.


Year the U.S. Navy was founded


The first American Navy Squadron was launched

31 ships

The most ships the Continental Navy had in 1777


Ships have served since the Navy’s birth


The length (in feet) of the newest nuclear aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78)

The Numbers Speak For Themselves

From its impressive aircraft carriers down to the submarines, the U.S. Navy is home to some of the most important defense vessels in the world.

If you ever want to dig really deep into the U.S. Navy profile, check out the Department of the Navy’s fact files. You can get details on unmanned systems, aircrafts, search and recovery equipment, and more.

All of the above is public knowledge gathered from various Department of Defense (DoD) archives, including press releases and fact files. Spend a day in the DoD archives, and we bet you’ll be intrigued by what you find!

What are you favorite Navy history facts? Share in the comments below!

The editorial team at Sandboxx.

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