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The five best Soldier homecomings caught on video

Military homecomings are so moving and sure to have your heart well up with emotions. Whether soldiers surprise their families or arrive home with their...

soldier homecoming
(U.S Army photo by Sgt. Daphney Black)

Military homecomings are so moving and sure to have your heart well up with emotions. Whether soldiers surprise their families or arrive home with their brigade you ‘re sure to get teary-eyed! Grab your tissues as you watch these heroes arrive home on U.S. soil to family, pets, and patriots who love them. Here are our top 5 picks for best Soldier homecomings.

1. A military dad pulls off the best homecoming surprise!

Arriving home is always so special after a deployment. This family got the best surprise ever from Staff Sergeant David Fuqua. After being away for 40 months over 4 deployments, he surprised his family at a Denver Nuggets game in front of a full stadium. 

Emotions ran through me as these kids ran into the arms of their hero while the audience shared in this special moment.

2. Military Homecoming: Palmer’s Fiance Surprises Her After Deployment

It was just another day at the office for this young lady, or so she thought. Little did she know that her fiance returned home from a 10-month overseas deployment.

The look on her face is precious when she sees Staff Sergeant Miller outside her work door. It made my heart leap with joy. Everyone she worked with was in on this sweet surprise! Grab a tissue and enjoy this heartwarming homecoming!

3. Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game

This homecoming stole my heart! The Faile family thought they were being recognized during the football game as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game. They made their way down to the field where a surprise message from Sergeant First Class Scott Faile played on the big board for all to see.

The stadium crowd goes wild with excitement as this dad and husband runs out onto the field to surprise his family. It’s an incredibly moving moment that will touch your heart!

4. Adorable Dog Overcome With Soldier Surprise

This sweet dog exhibits the excitement I felt when my soldier arrived home from deployment! Bentley immediately recognized 1st Lieutenant Dylan Cox after 6 long months. His tail wags with excitement while jumping about. My heart felt so warm and happy  as this soldier got a furry welcome home.

Dogs truly are man’s best friend!

5. Welcome Home R&R

Welcome Home a Hero was a heartwarming program at DFW airport for soldiers deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Volunteers greeted soldiers as they arrived for two weeks of rest and recuperation. 

After 8 years of greeting over 460,000 inbound soldiers, the program ended in March 2012.

My eyes welled up with tears as I watched this. I got chills  as these brave heroes make their way through an enthusiastic, patriot crowd, cheering them on. This one gets me every time! 

What a wonderful welcome home from strangers who love and appreciate our soldiers, our country, and freedoms! Take a look and have some tissues nearby!

Freedom is the American Dream

I am grateful to our service members that keep America as the land of the free. Our defenders of freedom deserve the best homecomings, especially after a long deployment and I hope you enjoyed these!

I remain thankful for all our military and the families that wait on the home front.

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