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Some bunny loves you: Ideas for Easter care packages for troops

Another holiday is coming up fast: Easter.  If you’re ready to start putting together care …

care packages for troops being opened

Another holiday is coming up fast: Easter. 

If you’re ready to start putting together care packages for troops, now is the time to hop to it. Whether you’re sending it to your favorite service member or as a group effort to troops, Easter packages should go out soon to arrive on time. 

Consider hosting a care package party with fellow spouses or friends to make it a festive holiday event. Easter falls on April 12 this year, so hosting a packing party now is a perfect way to ensure it ships well before Easter. 

If you’re at a loss for easter gift ideas for adults, no worries. From adorable puns to yummy treats that won’t melt, we’ve got you covered in this guide of 30+ things to include in troop care packages for Easter.

Ready to send off an egg-cellent care package?

Say I Love You

easter egg on ground
U.S. Air Force photo/Christopher DeWitt

The first words your deployed service member wants to read is “I love you.” No matter what time of the year or holiday it is, those three words are always the best for service members to see in a care package. Decorate the box with easter colors, stickers, easter grass, and handwritten notes declaring your love.

Here are a few Easter-themed I love you messages to share: 

  • Some bunny loves you
  • This chick misses you
  • You hopped into my life and into my heart
  • I think you’re egg-cellent 
  • You are eggs-tra special to me

Creative ways to share the message:

  • Add plastic eggs with a different note inside each 
  • Include a cheesy Easter card
  • Add photos of you and the family and places you’ve been
  • Create love letters

Just sending a note to troops? A friendly “thanks for your service” works just as well. It lets them know someone cares.

Send Treats That Don’t Melt

care package for troops during easter include jelly beans
Courtesy of Unsplash

As delicious as it is, chocolate isn’t the best to send in the mail to hot environments. That dark chocolate Easter bunny’s face will melt right off in the mail.  

Here are some alternative ideas: 

  • Peeps
  • Cookies
  • Dried fruit
  • Popcorn
  • Granola bars 
  • Snack mixes
  • Hard candy and lollipops (individually wrapped is best)
  • Jelly beans 
  • Gummy bears
  • Water flavors or sports drink mixes
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Cinnamon sugar (to sweeten coffee)
  • Flavored protein powders
  • Hot sauce
  • Ground coffee or tea bags & Easter mug

You can easily add these smaller items to plastic eggs with notes. Or, snag some Easter-themed plastic baggies to put the items in.

For the Brain

marines playing cards on ground
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Brendan Mullin

Deployments have a way of getting boring at times. For those moments of downtime, encourage your service member to boost their brain power. From reading to puzzles, there are plenty of fun items you can pack that will provide constructive entertainment. 

A few ideas for brain boosters: 

  • Magazines
  • Paperbacks
  • Dice games
  • Playing cards
  • A list of free online courses 
  • Small travel checkers or chess set
  • Puzzle books like crosswords, Sudoku
  • Coloring books for grown-ups + colored pencils

Research shows mental activities like puzzles and card games can improve concentration, mental sharpness, and memory. Not only are these activities good for your loved one’s brain, it’s a fun gift to shop for when you put together an Easter care package.

Get the Kids Involved 

kids on easter bunny lap
Photo by Senior Airman Clayton Lenhardt 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

If you have kids, you probably know they love getting messy during craft time. Thanks to Pinterest and a ton of other crafting blogs, you can find Easter kid crafts to do that make for a great Easter gift for service members.  

A few other no-fuss options:

  • Small drawings or paintings
  • Notes or letters 
  • Bake Easter cookies together  
  • Let them help pick favorite pics 

Sentimental kid crafts like bunny handprint cards, chick handprints, fingerprint carrots, and footprint bunnies for babies are just a sampling of the adorable projects you’ll find online. 

Easter Care Packages for Troops: Don’t Forget the Essentials 

marine peeks over package
U.S. Marine Corps photo illustration by Lance Cpl. Karis Mattingly

While Easter-themed goodies are adorable and will bring a smile, don’t forget everyday items your service member may need. They’ll appreciate these more than you’ll know. 

A few items they may want: 

  • Razors 
  • Chapstick 
  • Crew socks
  • Body wipes 
  • Body powder 
  • Mini hand lotion
  • Favorite snack foods
  • Sunscreen (no aerosol)

Pro tip: Toiletries from their preferred brand are always needed. Just be sure to ask how much room they have to store such items. If you can, send travel-sized bottles. You can purchase a large bottle of their favorite body wash, for example, and then fill the travel bottles to send. You’ll probably be able to fill several of those smaller bottles to put into multiple care packages.

Recent USPS Changes to Send Care Packages For Troops 

Starting March 6, the U.S. Postal Service stopped accepting handwritten international declaration forms on packages. This is especially important for military families who often mail care packages for troops.

You’ll need to use PS Form 2976-R, the USPS Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note. Or, you can fill out a worksheet for postal clerks to input into an electronic system. 

Packages with handwritten forms will be returned to senders.

Now that you have new ideas for what to include in your Easter care package, it’s time to hop to it. Get packaging up all the fake green grass, goodies, and love notes you can manage. 

What are your favorite Easter gift ideas for adults? Share in the comments below what you’ll be sending your service member! 

Feature image courtesy of U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Joshua Magbanua

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