Sandboxx Launches New Recruiting & Retention Program With U.S. Navy Recruiting

Arlington, VA, July 24th, 2018: Sandboxx, the military media and technology company, announced today that …

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Arlington, VA, July 24th, 2018: Sandboxx, the military media and technology company, announced today that the company has launched a project with U.S. Navy Recruiting Command in order to assist with recruiting and training of future recruits and Sailors.

Throughout the project, Sandboxx will provide video and other digital training content to future Sailors prior to boot camp in order to assist with physical, mental and spiritual preparation. The content will be delivered weekly through the Sandboxx platform to those waiting to ship to boot camp and will cover material required in order to successfully complete recruit training including Navy knowledge, proper swimming technique, workout routines and Navy careers.

“Recruiting has become more difficult in recent times, as there is a greater number of career paths for military prospects due to the growing economy and a greater military-civilian divide. Additionally, 70%+ of American youth are not eligible for military service due to issues including health, physical appearance and education. We want to help reach those who are willing and able to serve, and to support them throughout training so they can have successful Navy careers,” explained Shane McCarthy, Chief Marketing Officer of Sandboxx.

Sandboxx plans to increase reach and engagement amongst potential Sailors across digital media through this project. Sandboxx has significant experience in this area in other military branches, and looks forward to bringing its expertise to the Navy in this endeavor. As part of a previous project with a Marine Corps Recruiting Station, the station saw a 2,855.14% increase in social media engagement. This led to a 137% increase in digital communications activity across the entire Recruiting Station, and a 126% increase in Contacts, both of which are key metrics associated with a recruiting pipeline.

“Young & Rubicam (Y&R) won the Navy recruiting contract in 2015 and has since brought forth a new age of digital transformation within how the Navy finds and recruits our nations best and brightest Sailors. Leveraging Y&R’s content and deep audience experience, Sandboxx will not only be a primary engagement channel for those awaiting boot camp, but new avenue to reach a vast majority of America’s military aged demographic,” described Sam Meek, CEO of Sandboxx.

Friends and family who use Sandboxx to send Letters to recruits also receive in-app content, including up-to-date information on what recruits are doing weekly at boot camp, and the best ways to support their loved one during their military journey, during basic training and beyond.

Sandboxx views family members as extremely important parts of future Sailors’ support and motivation system, prior to, during and after their initial recruitment and training. It is critical to the success of the Navy that  recruits successfully complete the journey from enlistment to graduation, and are armed with the tools and training that will allow them to be the best Sailors possible.

“Studies have shown that recruits perform at higher levels in boot camp when they receive encouraging letters and photos from loved ones at home. With Sandboxx, users can type a message from their phone, add a photo and hit send. Sandboxx will securely print the message and deliver it to the recruit or service member, usually on the next business day,” stated MajGen Smith (USMC Ret.). Sandboxx also includes a self-addressed return envelope so that it is easier for recipients to reply, whether at boot camp or at sea.

Through Letters and the basic training preparation content delivered through the Sandboxx platform, Sandboxx previously assisted a Marine Corps Recruiting Station in decreasing female attrition at boot camp from 24% to 6%.

Earlier this year, Sandboxx also announced a strategic collaboration with Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) in order to connect the Marine Corps community, while extending MCCS services, resources and support to Marines and their families throughout their entire service or affiliation with the United States Marine Corps.

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