Here’s why Post Office delays do not affect Sandboxx Letters

As lawmakers on Capitol Hill debate about the future of the U.S. Postal Service, concerns …


As lawmakers on Capitol Hill debate about the future of the U.S. Postal Service, concerns about widespread Post Office delays have permeated throughout the nation — but there’s no reason to worry about the delivery of your Sandboxx Letter. Sandboxx Letters relies on FedEx overnight delivery to quickly get your messages and pictures to your loved one at Basic Training.

What’s causing the delays in the mail?

post office delays
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Widespread delays affecting mail delivered via the U.S. Postal Service have been reported follow a number of administrative and staffing changes that have taken place within the organization in recent months. Primary among the reasons for delays are a reduction in overtime hours allotted to Postal Service personnel and the removal of a number of mail sorting machines.

According to sources within the Post Office, overtime hours have been considered essential to ongoing mail operations, and barring overtime has resulted in letters going un-sorted or un-delivered within their normal delivery windows. These delays are exacerbated by the removal of mail-sorting machines that can actively sort through as many as 36,000 pieces of mail per hour. At least 19 of these machines have already been shut down and dismantled, with hundreds more slated for the chopping block as 2020 progresses.

The U.S. Postal Service’s economic woes are widely attributed to the 2006 Postal Accountability Act, which placed caps on pricing while also mandating that the service set aside pension and healthcare costs for all its employees extending out 75 years in advance. The Postal Service has struggled to remain fiscally solvent since the passing of the law, only to have revenue decline sharply earlier this year, as the Coronavirus pandemic saw a slow-down in business of seemingly all sorts, including the mail.

Why aren’t Sandboxx Letters affected by the Post Office delays?

post office delays

When users submit a letter through our desktop or mobile app, the letter is printed, stuffed, and sorted automatically by our start-of-the-art equipment. The letters are even sorted by company and platoon for reduced workload on military postal clerks when Sandboxx Letters arrive.

Once the letters are printed, stuffed, sorted, and boxed, Sandboxx hands the boxes off to FedEx for overnight delivery to each basic training installation across the country. The boxes arrive in base mail rooms the following morning, where they can be quickly distributed to each platoon, and finally, to the recruit or trainee that holds that special place in your heart.

Sandboxx does offer return postage for your recruit or trainee, allowing them to write back to you on the included stationary. These letters do travel via U.S. Postal Service, and as such, may be subject to delays on their route home to you.

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