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Sending Letters to my Recruit at Boot Camp

A Marine recruit's dad writes about his positive experiences with Sandboxx Letters....
new marines pass in review at mcrd san diego

I love this app! I wish I had checked it out earlier.

My first contact with SANDBOXX was the company liking a tweet I sent out about my son joining the Marines and heading off to Parris Island.

Then, after sending any letters to my son at boot camp, he mentioned that I should try out Sandboxx. He must have seen other recruits receiving mail from Sandboxx. So I looked into it and thought it would be something to try. Little did I know how much fun it was to simply dictate a quick letter, throw in a picture, (my son son had been requesting more pictures) and know that it was going to arrive quickly. And it has been verifiably quick. Yesterday, I received my first return mail, only 6 days after I first tried the service.

new marines pass in review at mcrd san diego

Customer service has also been responsive. When I sent my first letter, or rather submitted it, I did not have my son’s platoon number at Parris Island. Within a very short time, I received a personal email asking for the platoon number, and offering to update my son’s address with that information. I also like receiving a confirmation email that Sandboxx has received my submission because then I know that everything went through okay.

Also, another small feature which is been useful for me is that if I get interrupted when I am composing a letter, or last week when I was in Canada and on the edge of internet service, if I simply go back to the Sandbox app everything is still there and I can resume where I left off.

Overall, the app has been fabulous. It gives me the freedom of composing a letter wherever I am, composing a letter on the spur of the moment and adding instantaneous photos. It has been incredibly fun and my son has received a lot more letters then otherwise he would have. The price is very reasonable. I have become a raving fan and my other kids have added it on their iPhones. Thank you to whoever’s idea this business was!!! I know I will be using it when my son goes to Combat Training and his MOS base, even though he won’t have the restrictions on electronic communication there.

I have always felt very thankful to our current military and veterans for their commitment to the country. My dad was a WW2 veteran and my brother was in the Navy and Reserves for many years. It is quite a different feeling being the parent of a Marine and first hand seeing the effort and commitment it takes to simply earn that title. I sincerely appreciate any efforts to support military men and women (and importantly, their families). Congratulations on being an element of that support.

David Fretz

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