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Inspiring books for Army moms

As Army Moms, we all go through our ups and downs as we navigate life while our loved ones serve. We laugh, we cry, and...

As Army Moms, we all go through our ups and downs as we navigate life while our loved ones serve. We laugh, we cry, and we pour out our hearts to each other. But there are times when some quiet time coupled with encouragement and sincere messages can help us through. 

That’s when books can offer great value and guide our hearts and mind. Here’s 6 books that I hope will inspire you and gain insight into your Army Mom journey.

Psalm 91: Real-Life Stories of God’s Shield of Protection And What This Psalm Means for You & Those You Love

Getting through tough, emotional times is all too common for Army Moms. This Psalm 91 book can help lift your spirit and lower your stress level.  Peggy Joyce Ruth takes us on a journey to the 91st Psalm, the one place in the Bible where all of the protection promises of God are brought together. With so much worry that becomes all too common for Army Moms, promises of protection helped to bring peace to my heart.

It has two parts: Psalm 91 verse-by-verse explanation and many heart-warming stories from people whose lives were deeply touched by God’s promises.

Through this book, I learned about faith and prayers of protection for my soldier.

The Heart of a Military Mom 

“The Heart of a Military Mom” gives you valuable insights to help you to stand strong in the face of fear and on the home front. My co-author and I created this inspirational pictorial book with quotes and words of encouragement for those moments when you need it.

It’s a quick read filled with wisdom and affirmations from the author’s military mom experiences. 

With so many challenges that arise from sending a child into harm’s way, it can help you get through those days when you’re missing or concerned about your military child.

Battles Of The Heart: Boot Camp For Military Moms

If you’re new to the military mom life, Battles of the Heart is a wonderful book to start with. The author Tracie Ciambotti, tells her story about being immersed into the military world. 

Her book includes 2 parts:

Part I reflects her personal story and deep feelings.

Part II lays out a plan for you to navigate this Military life.

I enjoyed Tracie’s story and related to so many of her feelings. She shares stories about her son’s experiences while deployed to a combat zone. I related to her real and emotional writing, which reveals her deepest fears and joys. Those are feelings we all go through as army moms.

Most important, she talks about the changes she went through to strengthen her resolve. Tracie’s writing is from a Christian perspective and I found the lessons very valuable. 

I appreciate all the useful ways she puts forth to help get you through those trying times from boot camp and beyond. 

1001 Things to Love About Military Life

Bringing to life all the emotions and adventures of military living, this book is a sweet reminder of the true spirit of the military.  At times, I’ve felt so alone navigating this journey and experiencing life in a new way. This book covers it all – from understanding the joy and emotionally charged experience of packing care packages  to the pride of recognition bestowed upon well-deserved soldiers. 

Through personal stories, resources, and traditions, the authors remind us of all we have to be thankful for. Each page turn is a reminder of happy memories or something unique about military life. 

It’s a wonderful tribute to the true spirit of military service that the authors wrote with pride and patriotism. 

Be Safe, Love Mom: A Military Mom’s Stories of Courage, Comfort, and Surviving Life on the Home Front  

As a mom of 4 children, all military officers, Elaine Brye has some wisdom to share. You’ll relate to her experiences over years of “see ya laters” and emotions. 

She imparts a wealth of wisdom on navigating this military mom journey. I saw a lot of my own experiences in the stories she shares.

Regardless of where you’re at on your military mom journey, Elaine’s guidance and strength is a must for military moms. 

Through her stories, her inner strength inspired me to take positive actions on my own journey. She understands how the rest of us military moms feel.

I especially like Elaine’s way of handling her fascinating and often difficult adventure’s as a Military Mom.

Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives

As an army mom, Faith Deployed helped me gain a better understanding of what my daughter-in-law may be going through as an army wife. The encouragement and devotionals in the book helped me get through some tough days too!. 

Faith Deployed includes about 80 stories, written by military wives from all branches. The writers connect biblical principles to the challenges of daily life while their husbands were deployed.

Each 2-page story is a quick read, but believe me, each story contains a powerful message of encouragement. These stories will give you insight to what other wives went through during deployments.

As an army mom, I found this book to be a wonderful resource full of faith strengthening stories that helped change my outlook on those sad days. One of my favorite passages is “Choosing Hope”. It’s a story about choosing hope when your faith gives way to doubt.

Get Inspired with Army Mom Books

These books helped inspire me to build and strengthen my resilience. When our journey seems overwhelming, these stories can bring comfort and wisdom to calm our spirit.

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