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The top 10 best Halloween care package gifts

It’s scary to think it’s almost Halloween already, isn’t it?  If you want to send …

halloween care package

It’s scary to think it’s almost Halloween already, isn’t it? 

If you want to send your service member a Halloween care package, it’s time to start putting it together now. It can take a while for shipments to arrive, especially if it has to go through customs for international mailings. 

Wondering what to put in your care package?

Candy is a popular option, of course. 

But there are plenty of other unique gift options for you to create the best spooky care package for your loved one.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best Halloween care package gift ideas:

1. Halloween Tumbler 

Help your loved one stay hydrated with this adorable Halloween tumbler.  Whether they love iced pumpkin spice lattes (send the tiny creamer packages, too!) or just iced water, this sweet beverage holder will make them smile every time they take a sip. 

Where you’ll find it: Zazzle for $15.80

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2. Spooky Eyeballs

If your service member loves creepy Halloween decor, send them these life-like decorative eyeballs. It’s perfect for them to pull pranks on fellow service members during downtime. Plus, if you strategically place these, it’ll make for an extra spooky Halloween care package. 

Where you’ll find it: GrandinRoad for $23.20 

3. I Put A Spell On You Fluffy Whipped Soap

I Put A Spell On You Fluffy Whipped Soap Halloween Whipped image 2

This multi-use soap is perfect for deployment and Hocus Pocus fans. When foamed up, a fresh, earthy blend with minty undertones activates faster than a witch’s brew. It can be used as a shaving cream, body soap, hand soap, or even as a shampoo! This all-in-one product is ideal for service members who have little space for storing personal care products!

Where you’ll find it: Etsy for $9

4. Custom Halloween Socks

custom halloween socks

If your service member is missing your face, send them customized Halloween socks covered with your smile. Choose from multiple colors and add pictures of yourself or even a favorite pet on these adorable feet warmers. You can also add up to three pics per sock if you can’t choose just one image you love most. 

Where you’ll find it: Socksery starting at $24.99

5. Scary Movies 

Pick your boo’s favorite scary movie and send it their way. If they didn’t bring a laptop with them, send along a portable DVD player. If they really love horror flicks, create a 13 days of Halloween bundle with 13 different movie options. 

Where you’ll find it: Amazon for $9.99 

6. Care Package Sticker Kit

If you have limited time to spend decorating a Halloween care package, these stickers make it super easy to add a little extra love to your box. Decorate the box with Halloween stickers with dorky sayings. Your service member will appreciate the extra time you took to create a themed box. These kits don’t include the actual box, so be sure to stop by the post office for one!

Where you’ll find it: Etsy for $6.99

7. Halloween Blanket

halloween blanket

This 50″ x 60″ plush throw will liven up your service member’s sleeping quarters. Tuck this blanket in along with a scary movie and a package of apple cider mix for the ultimate Halloween movie lover’s package. 

Where you’ll find it: Steinmart for 12.99

8. Hershey’s® Spooky Shapes Snack-Size Chocolate Candy Assortment

halloween candy

Know a chocolate fanatic who is deployed? Send them this massive bag of 50 pieces of Hershey’s® chocolate. It may get a little melted in transit, but if they love a good Halloween chocolate bar, they probably won’t mind. Just be sure to put it in a Ziploc bag to keep it from potentially leaking on other items.

Where you’ll find it: Oriental Trading for $12.78 sale (reg. 15.99)

9. Glow in the Dark Halloween Shirt

This fun unisex shirt provides a sort of “costume” for your deployed service member. The Jack O’ Lantern face glows in the dark and under black lights. Order a matching one for yourself, too! If you can, FaceTime and take a screenshot of you both wearing it. 

Where you’ll find it: Amazon for $9.95

10. Adult Halloween Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. When your service member has downtime, finding leisure activities can be a challenge when deployed. This 62-page Halloween coloring book will provide hours of relaxing fun that can be done anywhere. Don’t forget to include colored pencils and a sharpener! 

Where you’ll find it: Amazon for $6.99

Get Started on Your Halloween Care Package Today 

The holidays are a busy time for the United States Postal Service. Get your package put together and mailed out early to ensure it arrives on time to your service member. 

Depending on where they are deployed, it’s smart to send your package out as early as the first week in October. There are plenty of Halloween decorations already in the store and online, so you can quickly get those items for your Halloween care package — especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member! 

To make sure your Halloween care package arrives on time:

  • Include the unit and box numbers for APO/FPO/DPO shipping 
  • Avoid mailing prohibited items listed here
  • Schedule a convenient pickup time 
  • Mail items well in advance of Halloween

Learn more about military mail restrictions here and the best boxes for shipping your Halloween care packages.

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