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10 must-have apps for military spouses

Being a military spouse in 2019 is a lot different than being one even ten …


Being a military spouse in 2019 is a lot different than being one even ten years ago. For some of you, you may have been in this lifestyle for some time and can speak directly to that. With our little computer phones in our pockets, we literally have the world at our fingertips. And with the world so readily available, there have been several must-have apps created that might just change how you do some things. Below are 10 apps for military spouses, that you should check out: 

Commissary Rewards 

The days of clipping coupons are over. Commissary rewards is a helpful app for your grocery shopping on base. You can find and save coupons through the app that saves to your account. When you are at checkout they just scan your card and the coupons that apply will be accounted for. It is a much easier and efficient way to save a few dollars at the register. 

Base Directory 

Base Directory is great especially if you are new to military life or moving to a new duty station. Every base is listed with a directory of what and where different things are located. You can get a better sense of what is available to you and easily find it with the help of this app. 

My Ultimate PCS

Two military wives created this app to help provide tips for a PCS move. They have great tips for organization and packing, along with advice on how to handle your move. With so many relocations possible in your spouse’s military career, this is a great app to help you through those stressful moments and maybe might make it a little easier. 


Both of these apps will help you in finding a home. Again, with multiple PCS moves possibly ahead of you, where you might live is going to change. Luckily, we live in an age where you can use your phone to show you what is available on the market for housing. Both Trulia and Zillow are a great resource and launching point if you are looking to buy or rent around your duty station. 


Keeping in touch with your spouse when they are on deployment has become a lot easier over recent years. Apps like Sandboxx especially make it so much easier for you to communicate.

Staying connected should be effortless. With Sandboxx you can write your letter from your phone or computer, and include a photo. Your letter is printed on high quality, premium Mohawk™ paper, packaged into an iconic air-mail designed envelope and then shipped. Sometimes phone calls or video chatting are not possible and this is a great way to let your spouse know you are thinking of them when they are gone. 


WhatsApp is convenient for staying connected to your spouse in the modern age. With a Wi-Fi connection, they can call, text, or video chat from pretty much anywhere in the world. This app allows you to feel closer and reach your deployed spouse much easier. Other than working around the time difference if might not feel like your spouse is so far away. 


Forest is a new app that is for the person who needs a little help in focusing. Being a military spouse there is always something that needs to be done. Whether it’s something for the kids, a house project, or even some of your own work assignments that just need to get finished, Forest will keep you on track.

The app is a very simple concept. You open the app and plant a seed. The longer you stay in the app, and DON’T divert to anything else on your phone, then your tree will begin to grow. If you leave the app before your project is finished, your tree will die. The bonus to this app is that as you complete projects, you will receive coins. These coins are then used to help plant actual trees in the world. Your time management will, in turn, help the environment.


It’s hard when your spouse goes on deployment and you are left to handle everything for your household. As a team unit, you might have some knowledge gaps because your spouse was the one that did that. Crumblyy is a very user-friendly app that will cater to your needs. The app gives quick and easy hacks on how to do things. It will even suggest ideas to you that might make your life a little easier. 


Taking and sharing photos of your family is a great way to stay connected to those you wish you could be closer to. There are a lot of photo editing apps out there, but VSCO has definitely held its place for a while in this category. It’s a very intuitive photo editing app that will enhance your pictures and make them more Instagram worthy. You might even be compelled to print some off to frame for your house or send your spouse or family member when you can’t be near them. 


This app is for the military family who likes to get outdoors. With military bases all over the world and located in some really beautiful places, there are so many opportunities to hike and see what sort of nature is in that area. AllTrails has thousands of trails that you can download from all over the world. It also tells you the difficulty level along with user reviews on their experience while hiking. It’s a fun, easy app to get you outside and away from your daily norm. 

Being a military spouse can be challenging, but can be made a little easier with some of these tools. It’s nice that there are so many apps for military spouses, and others that are great tools to get anyone through the day.

The editorial team at Sandboxx.