4 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Here at Sandboxx, a lot of us have been on both sides of receiving and …

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Here at Sandboxx, a lot of us have been on both sides of receiving and sending Valentine’s Day cards when deployed or in basic training. It can be a difficult time of the year but a nice note or some loving wishes can make all the difference to the spirits of your loved one when they are off the grid. We sat down around the office and thought of some of the best gifts that we’ve sent and received in the past. These are our suggestions:

1. Write a love letter and add some photos from your early dating days, past Valentine’s or wedding day. A thoughtful and loving message can mean more than buying and sending expensive gifts. If you are having writer’s block when it comes to the letter, why not try write “14 things that you love about him/her” – the thoughts begin to fly once you start making the list.

2. Send a care package. If you want to send a care package make sure that its contents are practical, particularly if you are sending it to your military man. He may not want to appear too emotional in front of his unit. Add in some of his or her favourite things and wait for a loving response. Include a lock of hair taped to your love note.

3. If you have kids, why not sit down with them and have some fun making homemade Valentine cards. This is one of the best gifts that off the grid service member can receive and it is a great excuse to enjoy some quality time with your kids. You may enjoy it more than them!

4. Send a Mailboxx from the Sandboxx app. We don’t like to brag, but there’s never been an easier way to send your loved one a letter and pictures. Snap a picture, write a note and just hit send. We’ll take care of printing and posting your letter and even include a return envelope for your loved one. This must be expensive? No, it’s not. You can even try it out for free when you download the app here.

We’d love to hear from you about your Valentine’s Day suggestions and stories. What are some of your ideas? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

The editorial team at Sandboxx.