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15 Military Wedding Gift Ideas

Your friend/daughter/son/sister/brother is getting married. One or both of the couple is in the military. …

(Courtesy of Corey Balazowich on Flickr)

Your friend/daughter/son/sister/brother is getting married. One or both of the couple is in the military. They move a lot, and they don’t need (or want) a lot of stuff. Plus, you don’t just want to buy them a couple of plates and call it a day. You’re hoping to find a more creative gift that will make it through lots of moves. Here are some great military wedding gift ideas:

military wedding gift ideas
(U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Heather Heiney)

Push Pin Map. You can find wonderful handmade versions of these on Etsy, or this globe version at CB2, and they’re perfect for couples who travel or move a lot. Buying them for a wedding will allow the couple to keep track of where they’ve been over the course of their marriage. Every time they travel to a different state or country, they mark the location with a pin. This is guaranteed to go with them from house to house. 

Alabaster Bible Set. Alabaster makes the most beautiful, curated Bible books – one book for each chapter of the Bible. They’re full of thought-provoking photography and printed on fine quality paper. These are amazing coffee table books but also a unique new way to read the Bible for Christian couples. 

Military Wedding Gift Ideas

Custom Cutting Board. Everyone needs a cutting board; it’s something people bring with them from move to move. Gift a custom one with their last name or initials, or find one made with wood from trees in the state they got married in or met. 

Night Sky Print. These beautiful custom star maps are printed on heavyweight art matte paper. They capture what the night sky looked like on a certain date. A couple just getting married can start collecting a series of these, adding to them with one for the birth of each child. 

Record player and Records. Gift a record player with a collection of the couple’s favorite songs on records, a mix of new and vintage. Include a gift certificate to a record store in their town. The best addition: A custom-made record with their wedding song. This is a special and unforgettable gift. 

military wedding gift ideas

Matching Monogrammed Bathrobes. Turn their bathroom into a cozy hotel bathroom.

Wine Club Membership. If the couple lives in a small space and doesn’t have room for a lot of stuff, gift them a subscription service. Other ideas include beer, dog treats, pickles, tea, wellness, beef jerky, flowers, sausages, popcorn, hot sauce, chocolate and fruit. 

Personalized Throw Blanket. Swell makes cozy blankets with tags you can personalize. 

military wedding gift ideas
(Courtesy of Isabelle Taylor on Pexels)

Lomo Vintage Instant Camera. This camera comes with three lenses and prints on Fuji Instant film (sold separately). It’s a great way to take honeymoon photos. 

Family Recipe Book. Put together a collection of family recipes (handwritten makes it even better) and bind it in a book. 

Movie Tickets. Gift them a year’s worth of movie gift certificates for wonderful married date nights. 

Photo Album. They’ll likely have a professional photo album of their wedding, but not their honeymoon. Gift them an album for their honeymoon photos. 

military wedding gift ideas
(Courtesy of Corey Balazowich on Flickr)

Military Decanter. An Army personalized decanter and glasses is a great gift for a military wedding. 

Phone Cards and Stamps. This is a practical but much-appreciated gift, especially if the couple is facing a deployment soon. Buy a pretty box to hold them in.

Custom Bobbleheads. This is a gift like no other, and it will probably be a favorite –military couples always appreciate humor. 

When it comes to military wedding gift ideas, think outside the box, and the registry (especially if they don’t have one). Think about what they like to do together, where they met, or where they’re moving, and try to personalize your gift accordingly. 

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