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The ultimate guide to gifts for Soldiers this holiday season

The gift-giving season is upon us. With the popularity of online retail, purchasing gifts for others has never been so easy. Although shopping may be easier, knowing what to get the Soldier in your life may not. Whether your Soldier is good at sharing gift ideas with you or not, we’ve put together a list […]

The best gifts for your Marine this holiday

The Holiday season is upon us and you have probably started to think about gifts. Gift buying can be a challenge no matter who you might be buying for. Buying gifts for Marines might make things even trickier.  You love and care for this person and appreciate the sacrifice they are giving to our county. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Boot Camp Graduation Gifts

If you have a loved one attending basic training, you may want to surprise them with a boot camp graduation gift once you’re reunited. Of course, deciding what gift to give can be a real challenge if you’re not already familiar with the military’s unique culture. Fortunately, the crew here at Sandboxx has a lot […]

The Best Gifts For Your Sailor This Holiday Season

It can be tough to find creative holiday gift ideas for servicemembers. And if your Sailor is going to be on deployment this Christmas, you’ll want to send his or her gift soon. Here are some ideas to consider for this Christmas, for Sailors at home and deployed: Bullet Pens Junior’s Bullet Pens Company makes […]