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Ukraine is winning the artillery war thanks to US help

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It appears that Russia is losing its war of aggression against Ukraine from every angle that you view it. From men to materials, Russia is reported to be expending more materiel than it can replace. The Russian artillery was consuming approximately 40,000 rounds per day, a figure it has no longer been able to produce. What’s more, they have been pulling from antiquated stocks of artillery munitions that are occasionally even 40 years old. It is universally recognized and accepted that artillery munitions should no longer be fired after they have surpassed 25 years of age.

Ukraine does not have to match Russia’s artillery rounds expenditure since it enjoys more accurate artillery fire from the renowned M777 (Triple Seven) which has a decent range, rude punch, and an accuracy FOM (Figure of Merit) as small as 10 feet at range. (FOM essentially means the Range of Probable Error.) There is too much to say about the M777; suffice it to say that it is today the world’s best artillery tube currently in action.

Accuracy versus volume

Russian BM-21 MLRS captured by Ukraine
A Russian BM-21 MLRS with 40 rocket tubes of 122mm each captured by Ukraine. The system has a nice volume of fire but is lacking in any appreciable accuracy. (Ukrainian Ministry of Defense)

“Fighting doesn’t solve anything” prattle the Peaceniks. I propose in earnest that we all want peace but we’re not going to get it without pounding those war-promoting bellicose nations into the dirt. Which came first, war or peace? So in this latest Slavic Slugfest, it’s war, and in this war, we pit the quantity of Russian artillery against the accuracy of Ukrainian.

It is known, for example, that a Soviet BM-21 GRAD (very old) carries 40 tubes for 122mm solid-fuel non-guided rockets. The tactic is to saturate a parcel of ground 1,000 by 1,000 meters in area. The vaunted American HIMARS fires only six projectiles which are ballistic missiles rather than rockets. Therefore the HIMARS, with its one-shot-one-kill capability requires far fewer rounds of ordnance to subdue an enemy than the BM-21 does.

Park a truck in a 1,000 x 1,000-meter parcel of land and fire all 40 of the BM-21’s rockets at it. Then fire a single HIMARS missile at the truck. It may be hit by the BM-21, but it will definitely get hit and destroyed by the HIMARS. The Yanks bring economy and efficiency to the war table. On the other hand, records show that the Russian artillery is taking on average 120 each to hit and destroy a single target, which has at times brought their artillery expenditure up to 50-60,000 rounds daily in this conflict.

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Keeping some things private

Marine Corps M777
An M777 state-of-the-art howitzer fielded by the United States Marine Corps. (Photo by Sgt. Jose E. Guillen/USMC)

Knowing all that, and knowing that there is a digital component that goes with the M777 to enhance its accuracy even more, I wouldn’t even venture to say how much more accurate that gun could be… However, the U.S. did not include that digital component with the onboard fire and control accuracy system in the version it sent to Ukraine. So what Ukraine has is pretty darned-good accuracy but not the phenomenal accuracy that America’s version boast does on the battlefield.

I insist though, that we should never give a foreign country our best of anything of ours lest they misuse it against us one day.

I want to stretch that hypothesis out to include the M1 Abrams tank, the finest and deadliest tank in the world —  but with competitors rapidly approaching. Again I insist that we should never gift any of our finest weapons to a foreign country for fear they turn on us one day.

Let’s face it, we could get a great big Thank You card from his excellency Volodymir Zelensky at the end of this military action, followed by a raining down of HIMARS missiles and M777 artillery rounds on our areas of interest.

I don’t hear, or expect to hear any wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth from the fine folk of Ukraine over the components withheld from the M777 or the lack of donating our M1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks (MBT) to them. I think we have been sensible and magnanimous in the way that we set up the Ukrainians to fight their adversary.

By Almighty God and with honor,

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