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When your Soldier goes on their first deployment

My soldier’s first deployment is still clear in my mind. I felt scared and overwhelmed, …


My soldier’s first deployment is still clear in my mind. I felt scared and overwhelmed, thinking about the places he would go and the missions he would be part of.

If your child told you they are being deployed for the first time, you may have these anxious feelings too.

With so many unknowns, where will your mind take you? It’s easy to get caught up in a state of turmoil as you traverse this new military deployment territory.

Everyone talks about deployment but what does it mean? Army deployments focus on specific missions, including these.

  • Service members deploy to combat zones, like Afghanistan.
  • Other deployments are to non-combat regions like South Korea, Germany, or Japan.
  • Humanitarian missions send service members to help in disaster struck regions.

Whichever mission your soldier embarks on, fill your heart with pride instead of fear. Your soldier chose to serve our great nation and do the most important, honorable job in the world.

Even so, your first few weeks may yield to fears and tears. You may be wondering how to get through this deployment.

Imaginary scenarios and thoughts can fill your mind. But, deployment should not be about fretting all day to get through it.

You get to choose whether to spend your time upset or move forward as each new day unfolds. Focus on developing new levels of strength and resilience.

As your soldier transitions through new experiences, you also transition through yours.

Who do you want to be at the end of your soldier’s military deployment? Think about that instead of allowing worry to overtake your life.

Before your soldier even leaves, you’ll wait for it. You’ll envision that moment when your Soldier steps foot on U.S. soil again.

But what about the moments you are in? Never lose the joy in everything around you. Getting through it requires strength. Where do you find it?

You find it by living your life. Life doesn’t stop when your child deploys. Life continues and can be more rewarding than you ever imagined.

Embrace each moment of your journey as your soldier embarks on theirs. You can emerge stronger than before.

You can find blessings even in the smallest things if you open your mind and heart.

Take note of what you can and cannot control. You can’t prevent your child’s upcoming deployment but you can prepare for it. Life is better when you put your energy into things you can control, like your well-being and attitude.

With so many challenges faced by our military, keeping yourself strong and healthy is a wonderful way to show your gratitude and support. Your soldier will appreciate it.

Be proactive and find a support group as you prepare for this first deployment. Whether online or in-person, you can find the best of friends that all share the same heart.

There will be times when you experience a meltdown that no one understands. You’re right. Who can understand the feeling of sending your child off to unknown places where they may be in harm’s way?

In times of trouble, other military parents can be your “battle buddies.” They’ll understand what you’re feeling. Some may even become lifetime friends that you otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to meet.

You’ll hear others tell you stay away from the news and information. Instead, why not learn about the region in which your soldier deploys? Knowledge is power and opens your mind to the world.  The more you know and learn, the less you fear.

As your soldier gets acquainted with new surroundings, they’ll appreciate being able to talk about it with you.

Find ways to stay in touch with your soldier, even before they leave. Explore the options of voice, text, or video calls through the many apps available. Making a communication plan before your soldier departs will help you stay connected.

As you prepare for your child’s first deployment, make a decision that this will be your best year ever! Never put life on hold, every moment is precious.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis and gather with your battle buddies. They will share together with you in pride, fear, faith, and joy.

The editorial team at Sandboxx.