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What are the top three tips for getting ready to join the military? Joining the …


What are the top three tips for getting ready to join the military?

So help me God

Joining the military is arguably one of most amazing things you can ever do for yourself and this country. The elastic skill-sets, incredible experiences, and above all, leadership foundations that are created during the journey arguably offer more personal growth than you can find in college or in the job market. The path is physically and mentally challenging and only the highest standards will be expected. And it is AWESOME… So over the past month, we have asked all of our new Sandboxx members joining the military this question:

What are the top three tips for getting ready to join the military?

We had some tremendous responses. We love the way our next generation of warrior is thinking about serving in the world’s finest military. Hats off to everyone who helped us make this blog post. Here are our findings:

 23% saidGet in shape


Is it hard? Yes. Do we make excuses to get out of it? Yes. Does it really make a difference? More than you will ever know. Here’s why: 1) The better shape you are in the more money you will make, literally. Your promotion scores are directly related to how well you do on the physical standards tests. Throughout your military journey there is a high probability that you will make or miss a cutting score by just a few points. That is the difference between 4 extra sit ups or a 20 seconds faster on the run. Also, don’t forget about the higher probability of meritorious promotion. Only rock stars get meritorious promotions and many of them attribute their success to being in shape. 2) You body works better when you are in shape. You naturally eat better, sleep better and have greater brain power. Being in shape has powerful inertia. It creates positive momentum along the other inputs and outputs of your life. 3) There is a lot to be said about “Fake it till you make it”. This should not be misunderstood as instant Rambo medicine, but understood as the behavior bias of the tribe. Your peers look to the strong to lead. The more times you are thrown into the captain’s chair, the faster you will learn the mechanics and human nature of small unit leadership. This is the most important reason to stay in shape because leadership growth is an exponential path to success, repeat, exponential. 

16% said – Mindset and keeping faith


“There is no spoon”


Those that have a few years of military experience under their belt may vote this as number one. Senior leaders constantly share why having the right attitude creates the best “mental sponge” for leadership development. Having faith within our decisions, the people around us and what ever you define as “Faith” allow us to more effectively absorb the leadership traits that can be catalysts for what comes next. Ultimately we create a series of monkey bars towards success. Now reach out and grab the next one! 

 12% said – Be an exceptional student


This is hard. And for some of us very hard. One of the greatest things about joining the military is the practical application learning experiences. But be ready to do plenty of reading.  We are increasingly getting smarter as a freedom force so it is imperative you keep up. The same reasons mentioned above about getting in shape apply to knowledge and studying. Hit the books and know your stuff, it will only put you ahead and make you a better leader just as fast as staying in shape. 

 8% said – Lean on your recruiter

No Day at the Beach

Recruiters will likely tell you a combination of the above. Listen to them. Not only do they know how to best prepare YOU, but they can offer adviCe that can be exceptionally helpful to your family during your journey. Remember, a lot of people just simply don’t listen when others are talking. Next time you talk with your recruiter – take note and listen carefully. They are packed with knowledge that will catapult you towards success through basic training and into your career. Ask questions and listen. ALWAYS BE CURIOUS!

 4% said – Enjoy your time before you leave – Stay out of trouble – Give it 100%


Interestingly, these three tie well together. Spend time with family and friends, practice the things you love to do, and be humble. You have to love what you are doing. Joining the military is not a license to make dumb mistakes. When you raise your hand at MEPS, the transformation begins. Don’t be one of those idiots who alter their entire life by making a bad judgment call right before you ship. It is easy to have fun in a safe and positive way. You will meet plenty of people who make mistakes along the journey. The trick is to be able to learn from their mistakes, not yours, while having a great time before you leave.

 3% said…

Why you started

Nothing is personal – Talk to your friends and family about why you are joining the military – Join with a friend if you can – Hydrate – Eat well – Nothing is personal in basic training – Explore the job opportunities and think how well they translate to the job market when you get out – They only way to quit is when you quit.

 1% said…

Be a leader and a follower – Attend the recruiting functions – Learn to scream – Start a daily Journal – Be a leader and a follower before you leave – Be ready for hard work ahead – Take care of your finances and responsibilities before you leave – Love your service – Get on a sleep schedule – Be ready for the best job in the world.

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